28 April 2019

How Many Times do You Have to Wash Your Face in a Day if You Have Acne?

How Many Times do You Have to Wash Your Face in a Day if You Have Acne?
How Many Times do You Have to Wash Your Face in a Day if You Have Acne? - Washing your face has become a daily routine that should not be missed. Especially if you have a lot of acne on your face. Of course you don't want the dirt on the face to accumulate more, right? Do you know how to wash your face when your face is having pimples, how many times should it be?

Why is facial washing important?

No one likes the oily, dirty and sticky face condition. That is why washing your face with cleansing soap is a ritual that is as important as taking a bath. A dermatologist from Arizona, United States, Dr. Jennifer Haley, also shared the same thing.

According to him, washing your face is not just cleaning it from used makeup and other impurities. Regardless of the type of skin on your face, cleaning it with water and soap is a daily activity that must always be done.

Because that way, all the pollution, dust, dirt, and oil that sticks to the skin of the face will disappear. Even more than that. By washing your face, the sign is that you have helped prepare the skin for further treatment. On the other hand, this activity can also support the regeneration and rejuvenation of facial skin.

However, don't forget to choose facial cleansing soap that suits your current skin type. Yes, facial washing soap for acne is certainly not the same as normal facial skin types. Vice versa.

Do not wash your face often while having acne

Washing your face does help cleanse your face from oil and dirt and excess. However, washing your face too often when acne is not recommended.

Does not rule out the possibility of how often you wash your face is also a determinant of the appearance of acne. Because the combination of water and soap over time can remove the face's natural oil layer.

In the end, the skin will be dry and irritated so that it responds to this damage by producing more oil. Because normally, the oil plays an important role as a moisturizer, protector, and guard for facial skin elasticity.

In addition, washing your face too often while having acne can also damage the acidic layer of the skin. This layer consists of natural oils and good bacteria that help keep skin healthy.

How many times a day do you have to wash your face while having acne?

No wonder indeed, because the appearance of pimples on the face is often associated with a dirty face or lazy to treat the skin.

Even though in fact, not a few people who diligently maintain the cleanliness of their faces but still spotty. This very annoying acne can indeed be present at any time, even if you are diligent in cleaning your face every day.

The appearance of acne is caused by various factors from inside and outside yourself, regardless of how diligently you treat facial skin. Starting from because of sensitive facial skin, hormonal changes in the body, stress, diet, pollution, to incompatibility with certain skin care products.

Well, the rules for how many times you wash your face when you break out are actually not that different from the general rules. Being spotty or not, you should ideally diligently wash your face twice a day - that is, morning and night before going to bed.

The goal is especially not to rinse all dirt, oil, dust, pollution, to makeup. However, the rule might be a little different if you are among those who spend most of their time doing outdoor activities. Obviously you will be more sweaty, exposed to the sun, and prone to dust.

In this case, it's legitimate to add to the routine of washing your face in the afternoon or evening when your face is having pimples.

Choose special soap for acne prone skin

Again, make sure you use facial cleansing soap that matches your current skin type.

Avoid washing your face using soap made from hard chemicals while having acne. The residue of these chemicals can leave a dry and excessive sensation on the skin after use. This is what further triggers irritated skin.

Instead, try looking for facial cleansers that are rich in moisturizers to help soothe pimpled skin.

Also make sure you don't use soap containing scrubs. Instead of relieving pimples, rough scrub grains will irritate the skin while aggravating your acne problem.

26 April 2019

4 Ways to Strict and Healthy Diet Recommended by Health Experts

4 Ways to Strict and Healthy Diet Recommended by Health Experts
4 Ways to Strict and Healthy Diet Recommended by Health Experts - For the sake of getting a thin body not a few people do a strict diet. However, this diet is often not done in a good and right way. In fact, the dangers of extreme diets are wrong to make various health problems later on.

The way a strict and healthy diet is recommended by health experts for you is :

1. Don't Hold Hungry

Restraining hunger is not a strict and healthy diet. The right way to diet is not just about you having to burn lots of calories in your body. However, you must satisfy your hunger with the right foods.

For example, you are better off consuming lots of fruits and vegetables than just eating low-fat foods. In fact, those who eat more fruits and vegetables can lose 23% more weight than those who diet only by consuming low-fat foods, such as low-fat milk.

2. Choose a Healthy Food Menu

Consuming foods that are healthy for the diet is a must. Make sure the food you choose meets all the nutrients needed during the diet. One of the recommended food menus in the daily diet menu list is smoothies for breakfast.

You can use bananas, low-fat milk, honey and spinach to make smoothies in the morning. For lunch and dinner, you can eat foods that contain more carbohydrates, such as beef soup, sushi, chicken, or sandwiches.

3. Exercising Right and Enough

The next strict and healthy diet is to choose the type of exercise that is right for you and run it regularly. To get you excited about exercising, you can write down the reasons that motivate you to lose weight. Paste this article in your gym or in a place that is easily visible.

This can again make you remember the diet goals you did. One type of exercise that is right for losing weight in this diet program is a sport that combines cardio and strength. The benefits of cardio for the health of the body are burning more calories per minute compared to other sports.

4. Consistent with the program that has been created

The next strict and healthy diet is to arrange a diet program well and consistently and focus on the diet program that you have. You can choose a good diet according to your wishes. However, your diet will not succeed if you violate the program you created.

Maybe this is a difficult thing, but you can ask for help from others to motivate you. You can also use the diet application on your smartphone to remind you of the diet program that you are running.

4 ways that you can apply the natural diet to immediately get a thin body. However, this fast, thinner diet won't always give the same results to everyone. Everything depends on the effort and consistency that you do in running a diet program.

24 April 2019

8 Ways for a Proper and Healthy Diet for Beginners are Guaranteed to Succeed

8 Ways for a Proper and Healthy Diet for Beginners are Guaranteed to Succeed
8 Ways for a Proper and Healthy Diet for Beginners are Guaranteed to Succeed - The Right and Healthy Way to Diet, Diet is something that is often done by women not limited by age. However, dieting in a healthy and correct way is not an easy thing. Often, diets are required to produce results instantly even though it turns out that the method used actually damages the body.

There is a natural diet method to quickly lose weight, use a slimming tea diet and also carry out certain types of diet programs. What is not realized, it turns out there are side effects of drinking diet tea and also there are several types of dangerous diets.

For this reason, it must be known more deeply about the right and healthy diet. Of course, using this method is not only the ideal body weight achieved but also your body's fitness and health are maintained.

Here are 8 ways to diet right and healthy for beginners

1. Change your diet

Change your diet to a little but often. By eating a smaller portion but often, the digestive system will be helped to digest food easily so that the digestive process can be carried out faster. This causes excess fat or substances that are not needed can be directly removed. Of course this also helps in the way the diet shrinks the stomach

2. Allocate Adequate Rest Time

Make sure that your rest needs are sufficient when you go through the diet process. The body's metabolic process will slow down if the duration used to sleep at night is less than 7 hours. This can cause obesity, because the metabolic processes in the body do not run with optimal time. The body will be fresher and lighter for activities, if you get enough rest.

3. Increase Drinking Water

Detox is the main function of water for health. Water can help launch metabolic processes in the body and bring toxins to the body through the urine. Minimum water that must be drunk every day is 8 glasses. To combine it can also use warm water, where there are benefits of warm water for the diet.

4. Change Healthy Snacks

Eat healthy snacks that contain fiber and can fill your stomach for a long time. Boiled vegetables, various kinds of fruit, oatmeal, and granola can be a good snack when you're hungry. Consumption of snacks that contain MSG or high amounts of fat is not good for the body and can actually frustrate the current diet. This is also one of the tips on how to fast diets.

5. Take Green Tea
Since time immemorial, the benefits of green tea have been known to diet. Most people use green tea as a drink to maintain health. Why did it happen? Because green tea has a high antioxidant content so that calorie burning occurs faster. If you want to use the right and healthy diet, then how to diet with green tea can be an option.

6. Increase Fiber Consumption

Fruits and vegetables are examples of foods that have high fiber levels. Foods with high content and content can facilitate digestion and resist satiety in the stomach. This causes toxins in the body to come out properly. There are also fruit types for the blood type B diet.

7. Stay away from fatty foods

The use of cooking oil repeatedly for the frying process is a cooking process that is not good and can provide bad substances for the body. Fast food is fatty food that should be reduced by consumption. Because in addition to containing a lot of fat, there are additional MSG spices to taste. A low-fat diet can be done for you to really reduce the amount of fat consumed every day.

8. Avoid High Sodium Foods

The maximum limit of sodium levels for each snack or food we eat is 140 mg per serving. Where, when eating foods with high sodium content, the effect of gaining weight cannot be avoided.

That's the right and healthy diet that is safe for those of you who are on a diet program, I hope this article is useful.

23 April 2019

6 How to Increase Your Body's Metabolism in Order to Quickly Lose Weight

6 How to Increase Your Body's Metabolism in Order to Quickly Lose Weight
6 How to Increase Your Body's Metabolism in Order to Quickly Lose Weight - Although not many like a thin body shape, but in reality you will get many benefits from a thin body. Even if compared from the health side, thin people will be healthier and not susceptible to disease differently than people who tend to be fat.

But if you want to take care of your body then you have to know in advance what ideal weight you have. Because the body that is too thin is also not good for your health and appearance.

It's good if you have a body posture that is not too fat and not too thin.

As for how to improve your body's metabolism so you can try thin skinny quickly:

1. Actively moving

Active moving is one of the keys to success to facilitate the metabolism that is in the body. Not only that, if you move actively, the piles of fat in the body also gradually disappear. Especially for those of you who often sit while working, you must start actively moving at least 10 to 15 minutes every 4 hours.

2. Regular exercise

Are you among those who don't like sports activities? If so then from now on you should consider exercising at least 15 minutes every morning. Because regular exercise can accelerate metabolism and the body can get thinner quickly.

3. Consuming complex carbohydrates

How to improve your body's metabolism so that skinny fast next is to consume complex carbohydrates. But the intake of complex carbohydrates that you can consume is just sweet potatoes, wheat, pasta, and also potatoes. Consume fruits that do not contain calories when on a diet.

4. Increase consumption of caffeine

Caffeine is usually found in coffee or tea. By increasing the consumption of caffeine, the metabolism in the body becomes smoother so that the body that was originally fat can become thinner, of course.

5. Do enlargement in muscle size

Fat usually settles in meat under the skin. By enlarging the size of your muscles, the fat will disappear by itself from the body. To increase this muscle you can do weight lifting. Snacks for dieting are definitely suitable for those of you who like snacking.

6. Increase protein intake

If you reduce the carbo intake from rice, then to balance the energy in the body, you can increase your protein intake. If protein intake is increased, the muscles work more and the body can get thinner quickly. These are the benefits of tomatoes for a diet that many people don't know.

That was 6 ways to improve your body's metabolism so you can try to be thinner.

14 April 2019

Reduce Meat Consumption to Maintain Blood Sugar Levels

Reduce Meat Consumption to Maintain Blood Sugar Levels
Reduce Meat Consumption to Maintain Blood Sugar Levels - Diabetics, are required to maintain their diet so that blood glucose levels do not continue to soar. In one study it was mentioned that reducing animal products can help improve glucose control, so that it can keep blood sugar levels more stable. Reducing meat consumption can also help you lose weight.

Maintain blood sugar levels by reducing meat

A recent study states that eating patterns that prioritize vegetable protein provide more benefits.

Over the past few years, people who have chosen to become vegetarians and vegans are increasing. This makes the researchers add evidence that supports the plant-based diet.

In this study, scientists want to find out whether reducing the intake of animal food sources can properly maintain blood sugar levels. As a result, there is scientific evidence that eating meat too often can increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Research has also shown that a diet or diet that is rich in vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds can reduce the risk of developing this disease.

For this reason, experts now consider that a plant-based diet is the best choice for preventing and controlling diabetes.

Increase vegetable protein to maintain blood sugar

In 2018, the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists and the American College of Endocrinology release new guidelines. They write that diabetics must try to achieve and maintain optimal weight through a plant-based plan.

A fact shows that people who often consume vegetable protein have fewer complaints of nerve pain (neuropathy) associated with diabetes. Plus, fasting glucose levels drop more sharply, which is a sign of increased glucose control.

It was also noted that there was a decrease in HbA1c levels (the average glucose value for the last few weeks / months), in those who regularly ate foods from vegetable protein. This proves that reducing meat intake can help maintain blood sugar levels.
Benefits of reducing meat consumption

In addition to maintaining blood sugar levels, routine eating foods made from plants also shows good results in weight loss.

There are also a number of other benefits if you make vegetable protein your main source of protein, such as being able to reduce blood fat levels quickly.

Body weight and high levels of fat in the blood are known to be one of the triggers for cardiovascular disease. The disease itself is also known as one of the complications of people with diabetes.

When blood sugar levels are awake, body fat and weight drop, this will make you avoid the complications of diabetes because the process of maintaining blood sugar levels works well.

In the six studies analyzed by researchers, people who followed a plant-based or vegan diet could also stop drinking or reduce the medication they were taking for diabetes or blood pressure. This finding supports previous claims about the physical benefits of a plant-based diet.

Danger of meat consumption in diabetics

Reducing meat can be one way to keep blood sugar levels increasingly proven by the existence of a study.

The study comes from researchers in Finland who analyzed the eating patterns of more than 2,300 men, ages ranging from 42 to 60 years. At first, no participant had type 2 diabetes.

After 19 years, the researchers found that those who ate more animal protein and less vegetable protein had a 35 percent greater risk of developing diabetes. This includes all types of processed and non-processed red meat and white meat.

Not only the original form of meat, other parts of animals, such as innards or tongue, also contribute to diabetes. The study concluded that choosing vegetable protein and eggs can help prevent type 2 diabetes.

Recent research from Harvard University found that people who ate one serving of red meat every day had a 19 percent higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes than those who did not. A small portion of processed red meat, such as hot dogs or two pieces of meat, increases the risk of diabetes by 51 percent.

The study concludes that choosing whole grains, nuts, low-fat milk, fish and poultry rather than red meat is better at keeping blood sugar stable and reducing the risk of diabetes.

Why can meat increase blood sugar?

The exact reason why meat is not too recommended (especially for red meat and processed meat), is not certain. However, researchers believe there are three main components that increase the risk of diabetes, namely:
  • Sodium. This substance can increase blood pressure which can cause insulin resistance.
  • Nitrates in processed meat can increase insulin resistance and damage pancreatic function.
  • Iron found in red meat can cause cell damage and chronic inflammation.

If you have a history of diabetes or are at risk of being affected, avoiding meat can be one way to maintain blood sugar levels so that diabetes stays under control.

The slightest change can mean. Try to reduce it little by little. You can also replace some protein from meat to vegetable protein.

13 April 2019

Can We Recover Completely from a Stroke?

Can We Recover Completely from a Stroke?
Can We Recover Completely from a Stroke? - Even though the treatment period has passed, stroke patients must undergo a recovery phase. This stage is quite time consuming, so to recover from a stroke can not be instant. Then, after undergoing a recovery period, can the patient recover from a stroke?

Can recovery from a stroke cure?

According to the National Stroke Association, 10% of people who suffer a stroke are almost completely cured. However, these people still have disorders that are not too severe as when they suffered a stroke.

While other sufferers still need special care to deal with the disorder. In essence, the possibility of complete recovery is indeed very small. This is because there are still many sufferers who have injuries that interfere with their daily functions.

Supporting factors for stroke recovery are successful

In addition to routinely attending the recovery session, it turns out there are still other supporting factors that make this treatment work.

1. Physical factors

Starting from how severe you have a stroke to what has been affected. This has an important role in stroke recovery, to find out more about what steps to take.

2. Psychological factors

This factor is very important in the recovery process. Do you have the desire of yourself to recover or the motivation is lacking. This greatly affects your participation in this process.

3. Social factors

Apart from yourself, it turns out that enthusiasm and motivation from family and friends are also important. If you have begun to feel tired of undergoing treatment, there will always be people around you who encourage and help with this stroke recovery process.

4. When to start treatment

If you start treatment for an earlier stroke, it is very influential in the recovery process. This is because when we realize earlier, doctors can analyze and most likely can cure it before the stroke spreads to vital parts.

Reduces the risk of stroke recurrence

After you suffer a stroke and try to cure it, the risk for a stroke after recovery is still lurking. However, you can minimize these opportunities, by :

1. A healthier diet

The food and drinks you consume are very influential in the development of your brain. Reduce foods that contain high levels of sugar, saturated fat and salt. This can affect blood pressure and cholesterol in the body. Both of them apparently can reduce the cognitive system of the brain and the ability to think in old age later.

2. Regulates the main factors for stroke

The main factors that interfere with the recovery of stroke are high blood pressure, smoking, and atrial fibrillation. Therefore, avoid things that can trigger all three of these factors so that the chance to recover from a stroke is even greater.

3. Take medication

In addition to a healthy lifestyle and avoiding the main factors of stroke, of course taking drugs regularly is a must to reduce the chances of another stroke.

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  • Lower blood pressure
  • Control atrial fibrillation
  • Reducing the chance of clots.

In conclusion, stroke recovery takes a very long time and patience is high. If you encounter some difficulties during this process, this is very normal. Not despairing and continuing to believe that you can recover is the key to healing.

12 April 2019

6 Functions of Muscle Mass that We Must Know to Get the Ideal Body

6 Functions of Muscle Mass that We Must Know to Get the Ideal Body
6 Functions of Muscle Mass that We Must Know to Get the Ideal Body - In some people, it is not uncommon for obesity to be a reference for someone to decide to go on a diet. Yes, even though the main factor for choosing a diet is to overcome weight, but there are some other people who make a diet to beautify their parts and curves. Those who go on a diet with a second goal will often notice the muscle mass in their body.

Well, if you still feel a little confused and don't understand, you can read first about understanding muscle mass. There will be explained what muscle mass is about, then after that you can continue to know what muscle mass functions.

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In physics, mass can also be interpreted as the weight expressed in terms of kilograms (kg). well, in the discussion this time it can be said to be the same where muscle mass is a muscle weight which is expressed by size which is divided into 3 sizes in general, namely small, normal, or large size. Then, where is the difference?

The difference in muscle size is caused by the aactivity that you do everyday, the more activity you do, the greater the muscle mass. Likewise with muscle mass that is small in size means that you are very few in activity. Now, if it's balanced, you can have a normal size muscle mass.

Muscle mass tends to be interpreted as muscle endurance, especially for those of you who work as bodybuilders, of course, you are very concerned about the muscle mass you have. What you need to know is that there are several functions of muscle mass that are very good for your health, you know.

The following will be explained about the function of muscle mass :

1. Affects the body's metabolic rate

If previously you know only limited nutrition consumed in muscle mass, you also have to know if your muscle mass can affect your metabolism.

2. Produces energy in the body

Why is that? Because energy is produced from the process of burning calories in the body which is done because of the metabolic rate in the human body.

3. Give a good physical appearance

This is inevitable, almost 90% of both men and women crave good physical appearance. Well, muscle mass plays an important role in this.

4. Prevent osteoporosis

Good muscle mass will prevent bone loss where it will usually be characterized by weakness in the bones and can cause you to be very vulnerable to what is called a fracture, especially if you are old enough.

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5. Prevent Sarcopenia

Muscle mass generally functions to give strength to the body, so it can actively move. While the problem of sarcopenia itself is identical to losing strength and making you not free to move.

6. Prevent Obesity or Obesity

Well-maintained muscle mass can also help maintain your body's metabolic rate (as explained in the first point), preventing you from increasing excess weight.

11 April 2019

Several Methods for Treating Colon Cancer

Several Methods for Treating Colon Cancer
Several Methods for Treating Colon Cancer - Colon cancer sufferers have a great danger, until now people with colon cancer through methods such as surgery, chemotherapy, cell immunotherapy, etc. improve the life of treatment for colon cancer patients, reduce the impact of colon cancer in patients, make colon cancer patients recover better, help colon cancer patients early to get rid of disease disorders.

Traditional Colon Cancer Treatment Method

1. Operation Method

Treatment of colon cancer begins with cutting surgery, and focuses on a combination of preoperative chemotherapy, radiotherapy and other treatments to increase the percentage of cutting surgery, decrease the rate of recurrence after surgery and increase survival rates.
2. Chemotherapy

About half of colon cancer patients with metastasis and relapse after surgery, in addition to some patients with early stage, advanced patients and cutting surgery patients are asked to undergo chemotherapy. In combination chemotherapy colonic cancer treatment is the exception to an important therapeutic measure for advanced surgical treatment.

(1) Body Intravenous Chemotherapy Program

5-FU-based colon cancer chemotherapy program, with tetrahydrofolate as a regulatory dose to increase the effectiveness of the effect of a 5-FU dose.

(2) Oral Chemotherapy

Colonic cancer oral chemotherapy drugs mainly refer to fluoropyrimidine drugs, after being absorbed once or repeatedly through metabolism into 5-fluorouracil, functioning as an anti-cancer effect. Oral chemotherapy in clinical care has high treatment outcomes, mild side effects, ease of dosage, outpatient treatment, appropriate chemotherapy for elderly tumor patients and families becoming a new trend in the treatment of colon cancer.

New Technology for Treatment of Colon Cancer - Method of Natural Cell Therapy

With the development of medical technology, colon cancer patients have more choices, Natural Cell Therapy methods can greatly reduce the health damage of colon cancer patients. The method of cell immunotherapy is a remarkable achievement in the medical field, for the treatment of tumor diseases that have significant treatment results.

Guangzhou Modern Hospital cancer experts point out that the cell's natural therapy method is based on the immune system, has good differentiation and emphasizes immune cell function, through which immune cells can treat tumor disease, this is what is called the principle "using own cells to treat diseases ". Under normal circumstances, the development of large body tumor cells, suppresses the growth of immune cells, by cultivating immune cells that are maintained, then put back into the body effectively limiting tumor proliferation and metastasis. Due to cancer treatment throughout the body and no significant side effects on the human body, the advantages of treatment that do not have significant pain, and other benefits, the method of cell immunotherapy is currently the most effective and safe therapy.

Advantages of Natural Cell Therapy

The most important treatment method for natural therapy for colon cancer cells is to take the patient's immune cells (DC-CIK), then go through the process outside the body to breed and extract the patient's immune cells, then put them back into the patient's body, thereby regulating immune function the patient's body by increasing cancer fighting ability, the most important thing is that CIK cells can actually kill cancer cells in the body, ultimately achieving the goal of cancer treatment.

The advantages of the cell immunotherapy method are mainly reflected in two aspects

First the method of cell immunotherapy is the whole body, enhancing the patient's immune function, not just the local part. Second, the cell immunotherapy method kills tumor cells, can completely remove cancer cells so as to prevent recurrence and spread.