09 May 2019

Skipping Rope, Light Exercise but Fast Losing Weight

Skipping Rope, Light Exercise but Fast Losing Weight
Skipping Rope, Light Exercise but Fast Losing Weight - Losing weight does require a strong commitment. Not only controls appetite and calorie intake, but also motivates yourself to diligently exercise. One of the physical activities that can help you lose weight is skipping.

This exercise does not require special training, just use jump rope, and can be done anytime, anywhere. Skipping rope is an exercise that can vary in intensity to burn calories and lose weight.

Interested in doing it? Read the following tips first so that the skipping
rope you do is effective in losing weight.
Benefits of Skipping

rope helps you achieve ideal body weight, increases strength and stamina, and strengthens bones to avoid osteoporosis. The U.S Department of Health and Human Services recommends that physical activities be carried out every day for 30 minutes. Skipping rope for an hour can burn 440-590 calories in people weighing 77 kg, according to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention. Make this a benchmark for calculating how many calories you can burn during skipping rope.

Terms Required for Skipping

For beginners, seeded ropes are recommended because they are easier to control than ropes made of fabric or vinyl. Adjust the length of the rope by grasping the handle and stepping on the rope. Shorten the rope so that the handle reaches your armpit. Before skipping
rope, make sure to use the right shoes such as running shoes or cross training so that the feet avoid injury. Skipping rope in areas that are a little wide and high, and use a special sports mat to reduce pressure on the knee or ankle.

Rope Technique

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Before skipping
rope, start by heating in the form of stretching especially on the feet. Swing the rope over your head in a circular motion and jump on it when you reach your feet. For beginners, do skipping rope for about 5 minutes, then rest. Increase the duration of time to build strength and stamina. Edward Jackowski, PhD, author of Hold It! You’re Exercising Wrong recommends using low intensity first so that later you can jump longer. Keep your landing position on your toes to reduce pressure on your knees. Usually beginners will jump higher than necessary. But through regular training, you will get used to jumping no more than 1 inch above the floor. Besides being more effective at burning calories, it also doesn't have a bad impact on the knees and ankles.

Skipping is not only easy, but also effective for calorie burning. Ready to try it?
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