04 May 2019

6 Effects of Not Eating Carbohydrates When The Diet is Very Dangerous

6 Effects of Not Eating Carbohydrates When The Diet is Very Dangerous
6 Effects of Not Eating Carbohydrates When The Diet is Very Dangerous - Carbohydrates are widely known as one of the substances needed by the body as an energy source used by the body to carry out various activities.

But the last few years this substance is often seen as one of the culprits of the cause of weight gain so many people avoid it.

Some diet programs do recommend not to consume carbohydrates because it can cause weight gain. But it's good we also have to pay attention to the effects of not eating the following carbohydrates that can have an adverse effect on the body due to a lack of carbohydrates, because basically carbohydrates are still one of the substances that are also needed by the body.

Here are 6 effects of not eating carbohydrates when a diet is very dangerous :
1. Unstable body weight

Maybe thinking about avoiding carbohydrates can make you lose weight, because when your body doesn't consume carbo, your body will "release" water which causes your weight to drop. But it turns out this decline is only temporary because weight can also rise, especially if the substitute for the source of carbohydrate for the diet has a high number of calories.

2.Constipation and difficulty defecating

In carbohydrates, especially those that come from complex carbohydrate sources, such as wheat, have fiber content that can facilitate urination and also makes us feel full longer.

That's why one of the things that might also happen as an effect of not eating carbohydrates is that it can lead to constipation or difficulty urinating due to lack of fiber intake. So, it's best if you want to go on a carbo diet that you forget too, to ensure adequate fiber intake in your body.

3. Getting tired more easily

Because one of the functions of carbohydrates for the body is as an energy source for activity, then automatically one of the effects of not eating carbohydrates is that of course the body will become powerless due to lack of energy intake that enters the body.

4. Having a headache

Yes, carbohydrates are indeed one of the important substances that in addition to being needed by the body for energy sources, it is also needed by the brain. The lack or absence of carbohydrate intake to the brain can also be harmful which can cause a person to experience a headache.

5. Breath into smell

One of the effects of not eating other carbohydrates that can also be felt is a bad breath that definitely makes us not confident. Because if you don't get enough carbohydrate intake, your body will be in a ketosis condition which causes when you breathe it emits an unpleasant odor.

6. Insomnia

The effect of not eating carbohydrates which can also have an impact on other body health is insomnia or difficulty sleeping at night. This is because the body feels hungry at night due to lack of carbohydrate intake in the body which makes it difficult for people to sleep at night.

So are some of the effects of not eating carbohydrates for your body's health which should be considered before deciding to go on a diet. It's good if you want to do a carbohydrate diet it's good to do a good carbohydrate diet and also pay attention to the nutrients needed during the diet so that the results can be as expected.
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