30 April 2019

Method of Diagnosis in Patients with Liver Cancer

Method of Diagnosis in Patients with Liver Cancer
Method of Diagnosis in Patients with Liver Cancer - Liver cancer is part of the high incidence of disease, but also a big loss! Cancer symptoms and signs of examination for the significance of some signals sent through the body to identify and determine whether cancer is. After you find yourself in a physical disorder in everyday life, you need to go to the hospital for a check-up.

Early detection of liver cancer after treatment, 5-year survival rate can reach 70%, whereas in patients with advanced only half the chance to survive. Therefore, understanding the diagnosis of liver cancer is very important, early detection and early diagnosis are an important part of treatment.

Then what is the method of diagnosing liver cancer?

1. Ultrasound examination: a diagnosis of a valuable liver tumor to show tumor size, shape, and diagnosis rate of up to 84%, can be found in a diameter of 2cm or a smaller lesion. This is a non-invasive examination method, harmless to the human body. When losing weight, fatigue, heartache and other symptoms of liver cancer are suspected, this examination can be done.

2, CT Scan: High-resolution CT, about 1.0cm in diameter can be detected in early liver cancer, the rate of diagnosis of liver cancer is up to 90%, but they are expensive. So don't apply it universally.

3, MRI examination: to increase the rate of detection of small hepatocellular carcinoma, liver and liver cancer while local hyperplastic nodules, liver adenoma and other identification of assistance are greater, can serve as an important complement to CT examination.

4, AFP: Clinically, alpha-fetoprotein is commonly used in the diagnosis of liver cancer, this method is simple and practical

5, selective celiac artery or arterial hepatic angiography: cancerous blood vessels, sometimes can show a diameter of 0.5-1cm of the disease, the level of diagnostic accuracy up to 90%. To determine the location of lesions, size and distribution, especially for the diagnosis of small liver cancer is the best variety of examination methods.

Effective treatment of cancer early diagnosis of liver is a prerequisite condition. With the advancement of medical technology, a comprehensive treatment model that continues to use the therapeutic effects of early HCCs increases significantly. Treatment of liver cancer is primarily to see the deterioration of the patient's condition, to take medication, physically and psychologically, etc. These factors can be regarding the treatment of patients with liver cancer and the time of survival, of course, if at the beginning to take reasonable and effective treatment options, the possibility of long-term survival from the initial HCC is still very large.
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