29 April 2019

Initial Symptoms that Arise in Patients with Liver Cancer

Initial Symptoms that Arise in Patients with Liver Cancer
Initial Symptoms that Arise in Patients with Liver Cancer - Liver cancer is mainly in the following situations: Working days, eating more fruits and vegetables, less busy with work and entertainment at night, without rest, benches are always boiling and so on. It will appear that liver cancer is actually not far from us.

When symptoms of liver cancer appear, they are often misdiagnosed as other diseases, may be mistaken for abdominal pain, bloating, unwillingness to eat, and some people go to the stomach, it is wrong for cholecystitis. When physical discomfort, the need to carefully distinguish physical symptoms, go to the hospital to make a detailed diagnosis of liver cancer, reduce the possibility of misdiagnosis.

Guangzhou Modern Cancer Hospital experts show that the very typical performance of early liver cancer is often easily overlooked. The following symptoms are for reference:

1. Appetite decreases significantly: fullness of the stomach, indigestion, and sometimes nausea and vomiting. If you suspect that liver problems, ultrasound examination of the liver can be done on body tissues without side effects.

2. Right upper quadrant pain: the liver may have persistent or intermittent pain, and sometimes metastasis and pain are intensified. Heartache requires a CT scan, you can clearly show the size of the heart, number, shape, location, boundary, level of tumor blood supply, and the relationship with the intrahepatic tract.

3. Bleeding: usually nosebleeds, bleeding under the skin.

4. Fatigue, weight loss, unclear fever and edema.

5. Jaundice, ascites, pruritus.

Guangzhou Modern Cancer Hospital experts, some typical symptoms of the development of liver disease only occur when you arrive late, and then surgery often has missed opportunities, so self-examination is usually very important.

When feeling tired, fatigue cannot be sustained remission, it is likely to be a sign of liver disease, chest feeling boring place, or right stomach blunted upper pain sensation, such as feeling of pressure and discomfort, weight loss, if there is an unclear fever and jaundice.

When the above symptoms, do not necessarily suffer from liver cancer, but still go to the hospital for liver cancer as early as possible the relevant examination to determine the condition, related treatment as soon as possible. Early liver cancer to get timely and effective treatment, can greatly extend life span, improve quality of life.
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