28 April 2019

How Many Times do You Have to Wash Your Face in a Day if You Have Acne?

How Many Times do You Have to Wash Your Face in a Day if You Have Acne?
How Many Times do You Have to Wash Your Face in a Day if You Have Acne? - Washing your face has become a daily routine that should not be missed. Especially if you have a lot of acne on your face. Of course you don't want the dirt on the face to accumulate more, right? Do you know how to wash your face when your face is having pimples, how many times should it be?

Why is facial washing important?

No one likes the oily, dirty and sticky face condition. That is why washing your face with cleansing soap is a ritual that is as important as taking a bath. A dermatologist from Arizona, United States, Dr. Jennifer Haley, also shared the same thing.

According to him, washing your face is not just cleaning it from used makeup and other impurities. Regardless of the type of skin on your face, cleaning it with water and soap is a daily activity that must always be done.

Because that way, all the pollution, dust, dirt, and oil that sticks to the skin of the face will disappear. Even more than that. By washing your face, the sign is that you have helped prepare the skin for further treatment. On the other hand, this activity can also support the regeneration and rejuvenation of facial skin.

However, don't forget to choose facial cleansing soap that suits your current skin type. Yes, facial washing soap for acne is certainly not the same as normal facial skin types. Vice versa.

Do not wash your face often while having acne

Washing your face does help cleanse your face from oil and dirt and excess. However, washing your face too often when acne is not recommended.

Does not rule out the possibility of how often you wash your face is also a determinant of the appearance of acne. Because the combination of water and soap over time can remove the face's natural oil layer.

In the end, the skin will be dry and irritated so that it responds to this damage by producing more oil. Because normally, the oil plays an important role as a moisturizer, protector, and guard for facial skin elasticity.

In addition, washing your face too often while having acne can also damage the acidic layer of the skin. This layer consists of natural oils and good bacteria that help keep skin healthy.

How many times a day do you have to wash your face while having acne?

No wonder indeed, because the appearance of pimples on the face is often associated with a dirty face or lazy to treat the skin.

Even though in fact, not a few people who diligently maintain the cleanliness of their faces but still spotty. This very annoying acne can indeed be present at any time, even if you are diligent in cleaning your face every day.

The appearance of acne is caused by various factors from inside and outside yourself, regardless of how diligently you treat facial skin. Starting from because of sensitive facial skin, hormonal changes in the body, stress, diet, pollution, to incompatibility with certain skin care products.

Well, the rules for how many times you wash your face when you break out are actually not that different from the general rules. Being spotty or not, you should ideally diligently wash your face twice a day - that is, morning and night before going to bed.

The goal is especially not to rinse all dirt, oil, dust, pollution, to makeup. However, the rule might be a little different if you are among those who spend most of their time doing outdoor activities. Obviously you will be more sweaty, exposed to the sun, and prone to dust.

In this case, it's legitimate to add to the routine of washing your face in the afternoon or evening when your face is having pimples.

Choose special soap for acne prone skin

Again, make sure you use facial cleansing soap that matches your current skin type.

Avoid washing your face using soap made from hard chemicals while having acne. The residue of these chemicals can leave a dry and excessive sensation on the skin after use. This is what further triggers irritated skin.

Instead, try looking for facial cleansers that are rich in moisturizers to help soothe pimpled skin.

Also make sure you don't use soap containing scrubs. Instead of relieving pimples, rough scrub grains will irritate the skin while aggravating your acne problem.
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