10 April 2019

6 Ways to Diagnose Colon Cancer

6 Ways to Diagnose Colon Cancer 6 Ways to Diagnose Colon Cancer - The initial symptoms of colorectal cancer, patients are easily ignored, and doctors when they are often "dysentery", "enteritis" and other disease processes. Bowel obstruction can occur once or the abdominal mass is palpable, cancer generally has reached the middle and end. Therefore, the diagnosis of colorectal cancer is very important, the diagnosis can certainly improve the treatment of colorectal cancer.

How many ways to diagnose colon cancer? here are 6 ways to diagnose colon cancer

1. Stool blood test :

Proliferation of large intestinal cancer tissue is usually a small amount of blood flowing blood to the bench will be discarded. Occult fecal blood tests can detect a small number of components of blood in the stool, several blood tests or persistent occult shows positive, then request chronic gastrointestinal bleeding, must be aware of further examination and the presence of digestive tumors.

2. Digital rectal examination : 

The doctor uses the glove after the index finger and applies the lubricating anal area, the index finger is inserted into the rectum to examine the lump.

3. Endoscopy : 

Endoscopy is the most important cancer screening tool, where changes in bowel habits or blood in the stool and rectal examination have abnormal findings, must be sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy.

(1) sigmoidoscopy: Straight type, 30cm longest, comfortable check, biopsy under direct vision, suitable for examining the following parts of sigmoid lesions.

(2) colonoscopy: 120-180cm long, can be bent, can observe the entire intestine, to make electric cut, coagulation and biopsy can detect initial lesions. It is difficult to diagnose a condition check when it can be used for this check. Therefore, if found to have symptoms of suspected colorectal cancer, you must go to the hospital for examination, early detection and early treatment.

4. X-ray examination : 

Including gastrointestinal examination of barium full food and barium enema. For colon cancer patients with barium enema it is appropriate. For smaller lesions can also be found in injecting intestinal gas for double barium contrast gas, check well. X-ray examinations of intestinal morphology can be observed, with or without some polyps and some focus.

5. B-scan, CT or MRI : 

This examination indirectly diagnoses bowel cancer, but the location of the tumor, its size, and the relationship with the surrounding tissue, lymph nodes and liver metastases have some value considerations that can help doctors to treat cancer patients colorectal to develop the best solution.

6. CEA (CEA) : 

Carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) has generally been determined to carry out, colorectal cancer is the most important of the examinations. It is generally considered to evaluate the therapeutic effect and the valuable and continuous prognosis of determining serum CEA can be used to observe the effects of surgery or chemotherapy.

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