25 March 2019

Which type of facial is right for you?

Which type of facial is right for you?
Which type of facial is right for you? - You will often hear or see various types of facials offered by beauty clinics. For those of you who have never and just want to try it, this is certainly quite confusing. In your mind, you might be wondering which type of facial is suitable and suitable? But there is no need to be confused, I will review this to answer your doubts.

Which type of facial is right for you?

Facial is chosen as a routine treatment because it has various benefits. In addition to making the skin cleaner and brighter, facials also help blood circulation in the face. In addition, this one beauty procedure is also widely liked because it is quite relaxing especially during the facial massage process.

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Of the many types of facials offered, all actually have the same procedure steps. Basically, medical facials are a series of actions to help the regeneration of facial skin. This action includes exfoliation of facial skin, cleansing of blackheads, and the use of various types of materials tailored to the needs of the skin.

Well, when you see there are various types of facials ranging from gold, whitening, acne, and others, this difference lies only in the serum and mask that is smeared after the cleansing process of blackheads and exfoliation. The rest, the process carried out is the same for each person. Therefore, you just need to adjust the type of facial care solution that is currently needed, whether you want to brighten or fill for example.

All skin types from dry, oily, combination, sensitive, to pimples may just do facials. But what needs to be underlined is that it must be done by professional and trained personnel. If you arbitrarily choose a place to facial do not be surprised if there are many adverse side effects that will be felt.

Especially on the face that is having active acne, facials can be done carefully and hygienically. If done carelessly, acne can actually get worse, causing pockmarks, to make inflammation worse. Not only that, problems will arise on dry and sensitive skin if the exfoliation process is carried out excessively. Instead of making it clean, your face can actually hurt.

Facial rules

The skin will grow naturally within 3 to 5 weeks. Therefore, you can do facials 3 to 4 weeks. This is so that the skin turnover process becomes more perfect and the blackheads that are formed can be immediately removed.

As mentioned earlier, what distinguishes each type of facial is just the serum and mask. So, you may just try various types of facials offered and alternating each month. However, be sure to consult a doctor before doing so.

Generally, someone can do facials at the age of 17 years. At this age the skin tends to be stronger and ready to accept various procedures for beauty treatments including facials. In addition, at that age you are starting to need a more thorough facial treatment, not just just washing your face.

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You also can still do facial actions while pregnant. This is because the use of creams, serums, or masks is only done briefly so that almost nothing is absorbed into the bloodstream. Therefore, doing a facial during pregnancy will not harm the fetus.

In essence, whatever type of facial you choose, make sure to do it in a trusted beauty clinic and be done by professional and trained personnel.
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