02 March 2019

Weight loss 15 Kg In 1 Month With a Military Diet, Is It Healthy?

Weight loss 15 Kg In 1 Month With a Military Diet, Is It Healthy?
Weight loss 15 Kg In 1 Month With a Military Diet, Is It Healthy? - Is military diet an extreme way to get the ideal body weight? Many people who do extreme things just to get a good and ideal body, one of them is by following military diet. People who do this extreme diet believe that weight can drop dramatically to up to 15 kilograms in just one month! But, is it healthy?

What is military diet?

Basically, military diets are low-calorie and low-carbohydrate diets that help you lose weight up to 5 kilograms in a span of 1 week. The military diet pattern involves a 3-day strict diet followed by 4 days off. The weekly cycle for military diet will repeat again and again until you reach the dream weight goal.

Guides go through the military diet

Following is a meal plan for military diet that you must follow during the first phase of the military diet (first 3 days)

Guide to military diet plans

First day

Total calorie intake during the first day of the military diet (from morning, lunch, to dinner) is approximately 1,400 kcal

Breakfast (308 calories)

     1 slice of whole wheat bread with 2 tablespoons of peanut butter
     1/2 grapefruit
     1 cup of bitter black coffee or fresh tea (may use Stevia)

Lunch (138 calories)

     1 piece of plain whole wheat bread
     1/2 portion of canned tuna
     1 cup of bitter black coffee or fresh tea (may use Stevia)

Dinner (619 calories)

     3 ounces of meat of your choice (chicken, beef, goat, turkey, fish and so on)
     125 grams of boiled green beans
     1/2 banana
     1 small apple
     1 cup of vanilla ice cream

Second day

Total calorie intake during the second day (from breakfast, lunch, and dinner) is approximately 1,200 kcal

Breakfast (223 calories)

    1 boiled egg
    1/2 slice of whole wheat bread
    1/2 banana

Lunch (340 calories)

    1 cup of cottage cheese
    1 boiled egg
    5 pieces of fresh oat crackers

Dinner (619 calories)

    2 sausages
    90 grams of boiled broccoli
    65 frams of boiled carrots
    1/2 banana
    1 cup of vanilla ice cream

Third day

Total calorie intake during the second day (from breakfast, lunch, to dinner) only reached 762 kcal.

Breakfast (232 calories)

    5 pieces of fresh oat crackers
    1 sheet of cheddar cheese
    1 small apple

Lunch (170 calories)

    1 boiled egg
    1 slice of whole wheat bread

Dinner (460 calories)

    1/2 banana
    1 cup of vanilla ice cream
    1 can of tuna

During these three days, you are not allowed to eat snacks. Try drinking 3 to 4 liters of water every day.

Within 4 days, you can set your own healthy diet - just stay away from oily, high-calorie foods and high salt and sugar. You will still be required to limit food intake to no more than 1200 calories (for women) or 1500 calories (for men) in a day in order to maintain your weight so as not to increase again. You can still drink coffee or tea, as long as you don't add sweeteners, creams or milk (although stevia is allowed).

Is military diet really effective for weight loss?

A low-calorie diet forces your body to stay in "starvation mode" because of little food consumption. As a result, the body begins to be vigilant and saves energy by reducing the number of calories burned. This is the body's natural mechanism to protect you from starvation. Hunger mode can occur when conducting a military diet when the body does not receive enough calories in the long run.

Hunger mode causes the body to choose to use energy from the muscles so that the muscle mass and water weight decrease. As a result, your metabolism will also slow down. In a general low-calorie diet, your body weight will rise again as soon as you start eating as usual. But on the other hand, military diet is also believed to help you burn fat deposits in your body.

Even so, how many kg of weight loss from the military diet that is done certainly has different results, depending on each person, such as age, health, and current weight. But even though it looks easy to do, military diet is an extreme diet method that is not necessarily safe for everyone.

"If you are used to eating 2,000 to 2,500 calories per day, drastic restriction of intake will be difficult to do," said registered dietitian Lisa Drayer told CNN. You will feel tired and easy to anger, it is also difficult to concentrate. You may also be less focused and energetic to exercise because of weakness and starvation when running a military diet.

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The choice of food menu from the military diet is doubted by many world nutritionists

Protein intake obtained during 3 days of military diets comes from sausages and canned tuna, which are processed meat. Processed foods have long been associated with an increased risk of cancer. In addition, ice cream is also not the right food choice to support calorie intake during a military diet to keep hungry. There are many other food choices that are healthier and can make you full longer.
People who do military diets believe that the combination of foods above can increase your metabolism. "There is no truth behind the claim that the combination of food in the first few days of the military diet will increase metabolism and burn fat," said Ellaine Magee, a registered nutritionist.

In fact, starvation mode when military diets will actually slow down the body's metabolism, as described above. Moreover, the military diet method does not even encourage activists to exercise. Enough to limit food intake. Ellaine Magee said, quick diet method such as military diet can cause fluctuating weight which can weaken the immune system, disrupt your metabolic rate, and increase risk of other health problems, such as gallstones and heart problems.
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