12 March 2019

This is Top Shopping List Healthy Food for Kids

This is Top Shopping List Healthy Food for Kids

This is Top Shopping List Healthy Food for Kids - Getting kids to eat healthy since childhood is very good for growth and development. Not only makes maximum growth, kids are also free from various chronic diseases that might attack when he is an adult. To start this habit, of course you have to choose a variety of healthy foods for kids. So, there are several types of healthy food for kids that you must always buy when shopping, what are the things?

List of healthy foods for kids that must be purchased when shopping

Before you provide healthy food for kids, you must prepare it first. The first step is to buy all ingredients to make healthy food for kids and rich in nutrients. So, here is a list of healthy food for kids that must be purchased when you shop. 

1. Healthy food for kids containing fiber

Fiber-filled foods must always be in your shopping list. Because the fiber is good for digestion, normalizes blood sugar, prevents various heart diseases, and maintains an ideal body weight. These ingredients can make Fiber make kids fuller, also good for digestion, blood sugar levels, heart health, and regulating body weight. 

You can find it in plant-based foods such as:
  •      Vegetable
  •      Fruit
  •      Nuts, like soybeans
  •      Whole grain cereal
  •      Pasta with a mixture of whole wheat
  •      Whole wheat bread

Try to choose fresh foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables rather than canned or dried foods. Packaged foods contain high sodium and are not good for kids.

 2. Healthy food for kids containing potassium

Not many parents know that healthy food for kids with potassium sources is very important. Therefore, it is not uncommon for kids not to get enough potassium, even though potassium is very important for the nervous system, muscle function, and water balance.

Good sources of potassium are:
  •      Avocado
  •      Banana
  •      Melon
  •      Green vegetables (like broccoli)
  •      Orange juice
  •      Papaya
  •      Beans and beans
  •      Potatoes with skin
  •      Tomato
  •      Fish, shellfish and oysters
  •      Low or nonfat dairy products
  •      Nuts (including almonds, kidney beans, peas, peanuts, and soybeans)

3. Healthy food for kids that contains protein

Protein is the most important body building agent. Kids will need protein to support the growth and development of various body tissues. then, what are the good sources of protein?
  •      Egg
  •      Low-fat cheese
  •      Fish
  •      Lean meat
  •      Skinless poultry
  •      Cow's milk
  •      Soybeans and soy products
  •      Yogurt
  •      Peanuts
  •      Grains

4. Healthy food for kids containing fat

Your kids still needs fat in their healthy food menu, but don't put too much. There are several types of fat that are better than others. Omega 3 fatty acids, for example, can help develop the brain in infants and kids. When compared to saturated fats, omega 3 and unsaturated fats can prevent you from diabetes because it makes your body more sensitive to insulin.
Here are foods that are rich in omega 3 and unsaturated fats:

  •      Salmon and tuna
  •      Egg
  •      Peanuts
  •      Grains
  •      Olive oil
  •      Canola oil
  •      Flaxseed (flaxseed)
  •     Products that use olive oil and canola oil (some types of butter, salad sauce, and bottle sauce)

The more diverse healthy foods for kids, the more nutrients they get

If you are shopping for healthy food for kids, don't buy the ingredients. The more variety of foods the kids consumes, the more nutrients he can get. Because, there is no most perfect food that can meet nutritional needs.

Varying the diet also prevents boredom in kids. If he is bored, he might not want to eat. So, you can buy different food ingredients every week, so the food menu is also different.
When buying healthy food for kids, don't forget to pay attention to the food label

Don't just look at prices when shopping. Many mothers tend to see the prices and brands of a food product. In fact, another important thing that must also be considered is reading the food label. Yes, there will be times when you will buy processed food. To find out the nutritional value of these food products, you can see the nutritional value. 

Choose products that contain low levels of sugar, saturated fat and sodium. A food can be said to be "good" if each portion contains 5 percent or less of the capacity of sugar, saturated fat, or daily sodium. While food is said to be "less good" if each portion contains more than 20 percent or more of each sugar, saturated fat, or sodium.

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