06 October 2017

11 Foods That You Should Avoid Before Sleep

11 Foods That You Should Avoid Before Sleep

11 Foods That You Should Avoid Before Sleep - You can hardly close your eyes or often wake up in the middle of the night? Maybe it has something to do with what you eat. Some foods should not be eaten before bed, and not because of high calorie or can thwart your diet. But because some of these foods can interfere with your rest, keep awake all night, or wake up. Though you need enough sleep to maintain your natural energy cycle, maintain your mood, and boost your metabolism. Find out which foods you should avoid if you want to fall asleep as your head touches the pillow.

Here are the foods you should avoid before you sleep:

This quick and easy snack can be eaten anytime, except just before bedtime. Because although there is a rich sushi tryptophan, most cereals sold on the market has been coated with sugar and syrup. With high blood glucose, you will find it hard to fall asleep.

Although cheese has a soothing milk quality, it also contains tyramine-a compound that accumulates through fermentation and aging. Tryraimine will wake your brain, no matter even if it's in the middle of the night.

Who does not like chocolate to cover your heavy days? However, eating chocolate is not a good thing if you want to comply with your bedtime. Chocolate has a considerable amount of caffeine (especially in dark chocolate) and theobromine, a compound that can increase your heart rate and alertness.

French fries
This applies also to other fried foods. The high fat content of fried potatoes and other fried foods, is difficult for your digestion, and can prevent you from lying comfortably to fall asleep.

Dried fruits
Dried fruits such as dates, almonds and other nuts are tasty and have a high nutritional content, but should not be consumed before bed. The high fiber and thick sugar concentrations in their wrinkled skin make the dried fruit a bad choice if you're about to turn off the lights.

Ice cream
Two things you should avoid before going to bed are eating foods that contain sugar and fat. Sugar because it increases your energy and fat because it is difficult to digest. And the ice cream has both.

Raw vegetables
Raw vegetables, especially celery and broccoli are very difficult to digest. After you consume it, your stomach will work hard to digest it. And this process will keep you awake.

Red meat
Vegetables, fatty foods and fiber-rich snacks are hard to digest, even with red meat. These foods tend to stay long enough in the stomach and keep you energized. Though that's not what you need to relax. Any food with lots of protein, will be difficult to digest. We recommend that you consume something with a more moderate protein content such as yogurt.

Spicy food
Eating chili or something spicy is best avoided before going to bed, for a number of reasons. First it can increase your heart rate-not a good thing to calm your system to sleep. In addition, foods that increase metabolism like this can stimulate your senses and make your stomach feel hot and heartburn.

Like cheese, tomatoes are also high in tyramine. This compound can induce norepinephrine that can stimulate brain activity. If you want your mind to race while you try to fall asleep, eat some tomatoes.

This fruit is tempting and hydrating because a lot of water. This is the reason why watermelon should not be eaten before bed. Because when you drink lots of water, you will often go to the bathroom, at least once at night. This undesirable interruption can of course cause you to feel sleepy and not rest well. This could be one of the reasons you feel tired in the morning.
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