30 September 2017

Rarely do People Know About These High Calorie Healthy Foods

Rarely do People Know About These High Calorie Healthy Foods
Rarely do People Know About These High Calorie Healthy Foods - Eating foods that contain high calories can indeed gain weight. This is certainly very helpful, especially if you are underweight. But it can be a disaster for those who go on a diet to lose weight. Calories are a basic part of the energy that can be found in almost all types of foods and beverages. Although its existence is often considered enemy by diet lovers, but calories are essential to maintain the vital functions of the body.

Everyone needs a different number of calories depending on their age, gender, and muscle mass. The average person's need is 2000 calories per day. Eating too few calories in a long time can make a person too thin, and this condition can lead to motor neuron disorders, weakened immune system, and organ damage. Conversely, eating too many calories can also trigger obesity or obesity, thus increasing the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancer. So, if you are currently overweight, then avoid the row of foods that contain the following high calorie. Conversely, if you want to gain weight, it could not hurt to eat some of the following foods, but still in a reasonable amount.

Choice for High Calorie Healthy Foods 

# Fatty and greasy foods 

Oil derived from the extraction of beef, lard, fish oil, and vegetable oil is an example of a source of fatty and oily food. Just imagine, in the 13 grams of food offerings, already contained 117 calories. Other types of oil containing 124 calories per 1 tbsp are soy, beans, canola, olive, palm, sesame, sunflower, grape seed, walnut, almond, apricot seed, hazelnut, avocado, hemp and safflower. And if 1 tbsp of coconut oil contains 121 calories, then butter is only slightly lower that is 100 calories. Read also: 32 Proven Fat-burning Foods 

# Beans and grains 

Of all types of nuts and seeds, macadamia contains the highest levels of calories, which is 201 calories per 28 grams. (184 calories) Hazelnut (181 calories) Peanuts (164 calories) Sunflower seeds (164 calories) Almonds (162 calories) Nuts (188 calories) calories) Mede (161 calories) Pistachios (159 calories) Seeds of watermelon (156 calories) Flax seed (150 calories) Chia seed (136 calories) 

# Peanut Butter 

One type of butter that is often consumed at breakfast is peanut-based. This is because 1 tablespoon peanut butter is able to contribute energy of 94 calories. Other types of butter are also high in calories are made from sunflower seeds (99), almonds (98), and mede (94). 

# Dark chocolate 

Black chocolate contains 70-85% cocoa contains 167 calories per 28 gr serving. The content of calorie dark chocolate decreases when the cocoa content is less. Eg for dark chocolate with 60-69% cocoa content, containing only 162 calories. Meanwhile, if the cocoa only 45-59%, then in it there are only 153 calories. 

# Preparation of fruit 

Unlike fresh fruit, fruits that are processed into sweets or juice usually contain more calories because they contain extra sugar. For 66 gr dry prune fruit alone, for example, already contains 224 calories. Dry fruit (266 calories) Dry blend (254 calories) Pear dry (236 calories) Raisins (217 calories) Dates (208 calories) Dried apricots (191 calories) Dried peach (189 calories ) Figs (186 calories) Dry apple (185 calories) Dried apple (104 calories) Prune juice (91 calories) Grape juice (76 calories) Passion juice (74 calories) Pineapple juice (67 calories) Pomegranate juice (27 calories) 

# Avocado 

It's no secret if the avocado is one type of high-calorie fruit, which is 332 calories in each fruit (about 201 gr).

# Grains 

Other high-calorie foods come from grains. Every 100 grams of rice or rice is estimated to contain 124 calories, but the content may vary, depending on the type of grains. 

# Dairy products and eggs 

So how many calories are contained in the following 28 gr food dish? Goat cheese (75 calories) Feta (74 calories) Whole milk (149 calories / cup) Buttermilk (152 calories) Milk powder (636 calories) Protein powder (45 calories per sdm) 1 egg (78 calories) 

# Fish 

Not all fish high calorie. However, certain fish containing oils such as mackerel, herring, salmon, trout, tuna, and sardines usually contain enough calories between 191-223 per 85 gram. 

# Meat 

Meat is a type of food that contains high calories. Uniquely, the different livestock from which the meat is taken determines the amount of calories. The brisket or lower cow's chest (near the armpit) for example contains 304 calories per 85 gram. If the goat's shoulders contain 303 calories, then meat and duck skin contains 286 calories. Type of meat is the most low calorie chicken, about 173-219 calories. 

# Quinoa 

You might think that quinoa is often used by diet lovers as a substitute for this rice has low calories. In fact, 1 cup serving of protein source contains 222 calories. This content is almost equivalent to brown rice containing 218 calories. 

# Seed chia 

Similar to the quinoa that is identical to the impression of healthy and slim, chia seed was also able to trigger obesity if consumed in excess. If you want to use it as topping favorite smoothie drink, just pour 1 tablespoon (70 calories) only. 

# Gluten free food 

Gluten free labels seem to be quite popular among the diets these days. However, do not let you think that gluten free as well as free of calories. Gluten-free cake remains a cake that contains calories in it, so you still need to consume them wisely.

# Salmon 

Salmon is healthy food, but contains high calories healthy foods, ie up to 734 calories. This amount can increase if you cook it with butter. 

# Granola 

Granola is often considered a healthy food, but behind the per cup dish contained 597 calories and 29.4 grams of fat. 

# Popcorn 

Snack made from corn is actually low in calories if not seasoned by additional sweeteners.
# Mayonna 

The delicious taste often makes us overeat. Though 2 tbsp mayonnaise has added 180 extra calories in the meal that day. 

# Curry 

Most high-fat curry dishes and calories, especially those made from meat. Each portion is estimated to contain 400-600 calories. So if you want to diet, reduce the consumption of foods containing high calories.

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