19 November 2016

10 Food Secrets Containing High Carbohydrates and Healthy

10 Food Secrets Containing High Carbohydrates and Healthy

10 Food Secrets Containing High Carbohydrates and Healthy - Body weakness, fatigue, and fast asleep are body signals you are short on carbohydrates. During this time, carbohydrates trusted as a source of energy for the body to perform daily activities. But because of the many cases of obesity, carbohydrate unilaterally blamed as the cause of high obesity epidemic. Though junk food and foods with high sugar content also become one of the triggers of obesity.

Many women avoid the consumption of carbohydrates to maintain body weight. Though not all high carbohydrate foods were bad for the weight or the enemy of dieters. In most countries, carbohydrates are always associated with white rice, whereas carbohydrate source not only of rice alone. There are still many other foods high in carbohydrates.

Want to store fat satiety but lazy? You can try to meet the intake of carbohydrates in the body by using the ten foods that contain these high carbohydrate.

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1. Bananas

Yellow fruit contains 23% carbohydrates in the form of starch or sugar. Green unripe bananas contain a high starch, and starch is turned into sugar when the bananas begin to mature and yellow.

Bananas are also high in potassium which can help regulate blood pressure, and improve the quality of heart health. That is why bananas are often used as a substitute for rice for breakfast by dieters. Lazy breakfast but want powerful in the workplace? Replace your breakfast with a banana, a lot of benefits.

2. Oats

Oats may be a grain-based foods are the healthiest on earth. They are a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Raw oats contain 66% carbohydrates and 11% soluble fiber called beta-glucan.

By eating oats, you can reduce the risk of heart disease due to carbohydrate-containing foods can help lower cholesterol levels in the body. High in fiber can also help you satisfied longer, so suitable for use as a diet to diet.

3. Cassava

Cassava is a staple food in some areas precisely in some countries. Steamed sweet potato contains about 18 to 21% carbohydrate. Carbohydrates contained in yam consisted of starches, sugars, and fiber.

The sweet cassava are also rich in antioxidants, vitamin A (beta-carotene), vitamin C and potassium. The antioxidants in potatoes can help reduce the oxidative damage that occurs in the body.

4. Buckwheat

Buckwheat is a plant cultivated for its nut like wheat. Soba processed into soft grain such as wheat, flour noodles, or used in tea. Buckwheat can be processed in many ways similar to cultivate rice.

Soba containing 71.5% carbohydrate, it is also rich in fiber and protein. Using buckwheat as one carbohydrate intake may help maintain heart health and blood sugar control.

5. Apples

High carbohydrate foods are apples other. The apple is a fruit rich benefits and is highly recommended for the diet program. It is also not without reason, as it turned out this fruit has a fairly high carbohydrate content, which is between 13 to 15%. Foods that contain carbohydrates is also rich in vitamins, minerals, vitamin C, and antioxidants. In addition, apples are also rich in fiber and low in calories so you can make as a snack when hungry.

6. Bit

Bit is the kind of tubers purplish red. This plant is widely used as a food dye and medicinal plants. Since medieval times, this plant is widely used for the treatment of diseases associated with digestion and blood.

Bit cooked or raw ones have a carbohydrate content of 8-10%. Bit too high content of inorganic nitrate, which would turn into nitric oxide in the body. The nitric oxide can help lower blood pressure and risk of several serious illnesses.

7. Blueberries

Blueberries are flowering perennial plants that originated from North America. Blueberries referred to as a super food because it is high in antioxidants. Although small, this fruit contains approximately 14.5% of carbohydrates each.

Blueberries are also high in vitamin C, K and manganese. Research also shows that carbohydrate-containing foods can help protect the body from oxidative damage.

8. Oranges

Besides apples, one of the world's most popular fruit is orange. Similar to apples, this fruit is a good source of fiber and high in vitamin C. It also contains citric acid, and antioxidants are good for the health of the body or skin.

Besides consisting of water, orange also contains 11.8% carbohydrates, which is why when you eat an orange you will feel full faster. Eating grapefruit can improve heart health and help prevent kidney stones.

9. Beans

Red beans are widely used in various dishes, and red beans are usually used for soup or ice. Red beans are one of the nuts are rich in carbohydrates.

In the ripe red beans contained 22.8% carbohydrates in the form of starch and fiber. They also contain antioxidants such high amounts of anthocyanins and isoflavones.

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10. Garbanzo

Garbanzo beans or better known as chickpeas, are part of the legume family as well. In the already cooked garbanzo contained 27.4% carbohydrate, in which 8% is fiber. Foods containing carbohydrates are also a source of vegetable protein. Garbanzo contains many vitamins and minerals, including iron and phosphorus.

Consuming garbanzo proven to improve heart health and digestion. They can also help prevent cancer.

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