14 October 2016

Signs And Symptoms Of Early Breast Cancer You Should Know

signs and symptoms of early breast cancer you should know

Signs And Symptoms Of Early Breast Cancer You Should Know - Breast cancer is particularly a separate epidemic for women. However, today also found cases of breast cancer in men. However, the ratio of breast cancer is still very little chance happened to men, which is about 1: 1000. It was horrible, it turns out this deadly cancer that also can befall the man although very rarely the case. 

In spite of it all, own breast cancer is cancer that occurs in breast tissue. Cancer is caused by the circumstances in which the cells are no longer able to control himself, so that it becomes grow abnormally. 

Breast cancer was the formation process is the same as it was, and is usually caused by the parenchyma. Breast cancer entered into the list of ICD "International Classification of Diseases by the WHO (World Health Organization). Any number of sufferers is that most, which was ranked number 2 world !.

Breast cancer begins to spread from the inner lining of the milk ducts / lobules, up towards the nipple. Even a woman's breasts often become rot due to breast cancer. Well because all that dangerous and the number of breast cancer, then you especially women should know the signs. By recognizing the signs of early-stage breast cancer, then it is likely to be recovered will be greater. It is given that cancer is a type of incurable diseases, especially if it has reached the advanced stage.

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The following signs and symptoms and Breast Cancer

Early signs or symptoms of breast cancer typically begins with a lump in the breast. These lumps and it is very painful when pressed. Starting from this small-sized lumps that eventually will be attached to the skin, so that the nipple or breast will change.

Here are some early signs of breast cancer lumps sign to watch out for:

• There is a lump in the breast and make the breasts change shape.

• Breast skin color changes to pink, brown, or like an orange peel.

• The nipple into the breast, it is also called the retraction.

• The nipples may get lost or broken.

• The pain relapsing-remitting, when the tumor becomes large.

• Breast skin were burning.

• Breast discharge, can be blood or other fluids.

• Incurred ulcers on the breast.

Now that the signs and symptoms of breast cancer, and can look out for a way make your own inquiries. How to check your symptoms or early signs of Breast Cancer:

1. In front of the mirror and look at the breast:

• Breast normal sized breasts symmetrical between right and left.

• The color and shape of the breasts as usual.

2. Raising both hands and squeeze the breast:

• Is the yellow liquid out or like blood ?, if "yes" then you should be wary if not breastfeeding.

And Do you feel there is a lump in the breast ?

Continues to consult a medical highly recommended, even if you find a sign that is not so visible. This is because the nature of breast cancer almost entirely unseen, or secretly. Therefore, you need to really routine check by yourself or consult a doctor.

In addition to the checks, you also need to know the causes of breast cancer, so you can anticipate that no cancer is very deadly.

Here are the factors that cause breast cancer

• Genetic factors or there is a family history of breast cancer.

• Exposure to ionizing radiation before or after puberty.

• Eating too much fat and fiber.

• Smoking and drinking alcohol.

• Breast too often pressed or squeezed.

• Due to the use of the hormone estrogen that is not controlled.

• Substances poorly participating consumed with food.

• The system failed defenses built by the body.

• breast cells become malignant change the nature.

Not only happened because one of the causes, but breast cancer can also be triggered by a combination of several factors above. For the treatment of breast cancer is still only be done by surgery. And will further chemotherapy or radiation.

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