22 October 2016

Here Are 10 High Nutritious Food That Is Great For Expectant Mothers

Here Are 10 High Nutritious Food That Is Great For Expectant Mothers

Consuming foods high in nutritional very important for pregnant women and the development of her baby

During pregnancy, you will feel the tiredness and fatigue can lead to changes in mood or stress.

Make sure you eat foods rich in minerals, vitamins and other essential nutrients in your daily menu because it will keep you and your baby stay healthy and strong.

High Nutritious Food Sources Good For Pregnant Women

Menu You do not have to be fancy, but should include a variety of foods that contain the nutrients most needed by pregnant women. 

Some of the best food during pregnancy are as follows:

1.Fruits And Vegetables

• Eating fruits and vegetables is a healthy choice.

• Fruit and vegetables will give you and your baby all the vitamins and minerals needed.

• Fruits are rich in fiber will help your digestion.

• Fatigue can be overcome by eating a banana.

• You can also consume raw vegetables. Various types of fruit juices and vegetable juices (fresh without preservatives) is very good as a breakfast menu. Make sure the vegetables and fruits are washed well before.

2.Dairy Products

• pasteurized milk products safe to consume during pregnancy.

• Yoghurt is rich in vitamin B and protein are important to you and your baby. Yogurt also boost your baby's brain growth.

• Dairy products contain iodine which is important for your baby's development.

• You can also consume the cheese during pregnancy, but milk and yogurt (pasteurized) is more nutritious.


• Most types of fish are safe to be eaten by pregnant women.

• Lobster, scallops, shrimp, crab is also good to eat during pregnancy.

• Raw oysters should be avoided because it contains bacteria and viruses that can be harmful to your baby's development.

• smoked salmon or smoked fish can be consumed.

• Eating fish is very good for the baby's development but some types of fish should be avoided completely.


• Sandwiches containing peanut butter, good for pregnant women.

• You can also make a snack of baked beans with lemon juice and black pepper.

• Eat fresh fruits and vegetables salad by adding a few nuts.

5.Cereals and Grains

• Cereals and grains are good sources of protein and very nutritious for pregnant women.

• Cereals containing folate and vitamin B high enough.

• Add fresh fruits and dried fruits in your cereal to make it healthier and more nutritious.

6.Sweet potato

• Sweet potato is a source of folic acid, fiber and vitamin C are important for you and your baby.

• You can enjoy sweet potatoes as a snack, but avoid eating sweet potatoes too much.

• Eat sweet potatoes with fruit juice.

• You can also make baked potatoes are delicious and nutritious.


• Eggs are very well taken during pregnancy. You can consume 1-2 eggs twice a week.

• However, if you're concerned about cholesterol, so eat boiled white eggs just to meet your protein needs.

Some things to consider when eating eggs:

• Eggs should not be raw or undercooked.

• If you eat the yolk, should be cooked properly to avoid food poisoning due to Salmonella,because it can cause vomiting and diarrhea.

• Avoid mayonnaise made with raw eggs.


• Yogurt contains a lot of protein nutrition for pregnant women.

• Yogurt is considered as one of the most nutritious foods during pregnancy is rich in calcium.

• Yogurt will make your bones and your baby healthy.

9.Chicken And Meat

• daily iron requirement during pregnancy can be met by consuming lean meats.

• Iron is stored by the body and keep you active. You can consume red meat fat free.

• Cook meat well and correctly, because raw meat can cause toxoplasmosis.

• The chicken breast is also very beneficial for pregnant women.

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10.Dried beans and lentils

• Dried beans and lentils is a selection of excellent protein to meet the nutritional needs during pregnancy.

• These foods are high in fiber which is useful for treating constipation.

• You can also consume beans and black beans.

• Add to salad vegetables and fresh fruit as a healthy menu.

Avoid eating one type of food in excessive amounts, except fruits and fresh vegetables.

Varying your diet can reduce the risk of something dangerous.

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