17 October 2016

10 Tips to Make We Skin Always Fresh And Younger

10 Tips to Make We Skin Always Fresh And Younger
10 Tips to Make We Skin Always Fresh And Younger - How anti old developed by various science fields of medicine and treatment is getting today is more advanced. Therefore, a lot of anti-aging beauty products that offer so skin always looks youthful. Actually, the key to eternal youth was very simple, and can be applied without having to spend a lot of cost. Some of the factors that can cause skin wrinkles and looked old is on lifestyle, such as food and stress. Stress can trigger reactions in the body, so that it can make people look older faster.
Here are 10 tips to keep your skin always looks youthful face

As expressed by the manager and Cosmetic Wellness Spa Resort Lefay, Febrizo Castellani, quoted Premium Europe.

Attention to the type of food

Low-fat diet is very important if you want to slow down aging. Consuming fruits and vegetables, should be accustomed every day although only 5 pieces. Nutrients can be obtained from fruits and vegetables is very positive to improve skin firmness. Fruits and vegetables contain a lot of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and fiber is important.
Stop smoking

Why Smoking can accelerate the aging of your skin? ,,, Very strong smoking affects the skin, in addition to the high dangerous chemicals and fumes that trigger free radicals.
Drink enough water

White water neutralizes toxic substances in the body, and immediately remove it with urine. Advised, drink a large glass of water shortly after waking in the morning before you do anything.

Get enough sleep

Sleep is very important to restore the body's cells that have died as a result awake and day activities. If you always lack of sleep, then you will look old faster. Good sleep is eight hours according to health, you should not eat before going to bed on 21:00. Sleep no more than 11:00.


Exercise is also highly recommended to keep the body healthy. Exercise will make your metabolism for the better, and it will impact the healthy skin. Do exercise, at a minimum jogging, jog for 10 minutes around your residence.

Do not overuse skin exposed to the sun

The sun's rays are the external factors that directly contribute to premature skin aging. To be not too often in the sun directly. If it had, then do not forget to wear protective cream, so that no direct sunlight hitting your skin.

Noting makeup

Be careful choosing the material for your makeup, because one little can damage your skin. Wash your face from the remnants of makeup cosmetic ingredients using a facial cleanser that matches the skin. If in doubt, seek a doctor's advice.

Shower after activity

Clean your face and body with a shower after it all day activities. The bath is very useful to keep your body still in bloom and young. Shower and wash your face before bed will help get rid of the dirt that accumulates every day.

Wear a face mask

Lots of ways to keep skin looking young and fresh. If you did not get to a salon, then use a facial mask at least once a week. Applying cream to the face mask is a simple way to remove stubborn dirt in the face. Masks also process oxygenating your skin and let it breathe more deeply.
Using a moisturizer

Make sure if your skin contains enough water. If you do not perform any activity that allows the slightly sweaty face, then apply moisturizer.

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