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12 April 2019

6 Functions of Muscle Mass that We Must Know to Get the Ideal Body

6 Functions of Muscle Mass that We Must Know to Get the Ideal Body
6 Functions of Muscle Mass that We Must Know to Get the Ideal Body - In some people, it is not uncommon for obesity to be a reference for someone to decide to go on a diet. Yes, even though the main factor for choosing a diet is to overcome weight, but there are some other people who make a diet to beautify their parts and curves. Those who go on a diet with a second goal will often notice the muscle mass in their body.

Well, if you still feel a little confused and don't understand, you can read first about understanding muscle mass. There will be explained what muscle mass is about, then after that you can continue to know what muscle mass functions.

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In physics, mass can also be interpreted as the weight expressed in terms of kilograms (kg). well, in the discussion this time it can be said to be the same where muscle mass is a muscle weight which is expressed by size which is divided into 3 sizes in general, namely small, normal, or large size. Then, where is the difference?

The difference in muscle size is caused by the aactivity that you do everyday, the more activity you do, the greater the muscle mass. Likewise with muscle mass that is small in size means that you are very few in activity. Now, if it's balanced, you can have a normal size muscle mass.

Muscle mass tends to be interpreted as muscle endurance, especially for those of you who work as bodybuilders, of course, you are very concerned about the muscle mass you have. What you need to know is that there are several functions of muscle mass that are very good for your health, you know.

The following will be explained about the function of muscle mass :

1. Affects the body's metabolic rate

If previously you know only limited nutrition consumed in muscle mass, you also have to know if your muscle mass can affect your metabolism.

2. Produces energy in the body

Why is that? Because energy is produced from the process of burning calories in the body which is done because of the metabolic rate in the human body.

3. Give a good physical appearance

This is inevitable, almost 90% of both men and women crave good physical appearance. Well, muscle mass plays an important role in this.

4. Prevent osteoporosis

Good muscle mass will prevent bone loss where it will usually be characterized by weakness in the bones and can cause you to be very vulnerable to what is called a fracture, especially if you are old enough.

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5. Prevent Sarcopenia

Muscle mass generally functions to give strength to the body, so it can actively move. While the problem of sarcopenia itself is identical to losing strength and making you not free to move.

6. Prevent Obesity or Obesity

Well-maintained muscle mass can also help maintain your body's metabolic rate (as explained in the first point), preventing you from increasing excess weight.

04 April 2019

Cycling Tips are Safe for Elderly to Keep the Body in Shape and Stay Excited

Cycling Tips are Safe for Elderly to Keep the Body in Shape and Stay Excited
Cycling Tips are Safe for Elderly to Keep the Body in Shape and Stay Excited - No different from other age groups, the elderly also need to exercise to maintain health. The type of exercise chosen must certainly be adapted to the abilities of the elderly body considering that the condition is no longer as strong as it once was. Cycling can be the solution, but you still need to apply cycling tips for the elderly so that this activity can be done safely.

Benefits of cycling for the health of the elderly

Cycling is included in aerobic exercise that is good for the heart, blood vessels, and lungs. This sport has a number of health benefits, including maintaining a healthy circulatory system, increasing muscle strength and flexibility, improving body posture and balance, strengthening bones, and cutting fat.
Compared to other types of exercise, cycling is relatively easier for the elderly. In addition, cycling also has other advantages such as :
  • lower risk of injury
  • does not require special basic abilities
  • can be done with various intensities, from light to heavy
  • efficient and can be used as transportation
  • train all body muscles
  • can increase strength, stamina, and fitness

Cycling tips for elderly beginners

Going through a cycling routine as early as possible is certainly better than starting at an advanced age. However, it does not mean that the elderly do not have the opportunity to lead a healthy life. You can still get the benefits of cycling even though you only started it at the age of 50, 60, even 70 years.

The first tip for those of you who start cycling at the age of 50 is to stay active. The more you move, the more flexible your muscles are. Flexible muscles will prevent you from the risk of injury or sprains. You can also do light exercise such as yoga and pilates to optimize the benefits.

Meanwhile, elderly people who start cycling at the age of 60 need to be more careful in carrying out this routine. One of the recommended tips for cycling is to modify your bicycle according to your needs. Don't forget to keep monitoring blood pressure regularly, especially if you increase the intensity of cycling.

The condition of the elderly body aged 60 years and over is certainly different from someone aged 40-50 years. Instead of undergoing heavy-intensity training in the long run, you can start by light cycling for a few kilometers.
Safe cycling tips for the elderly

Before starting cycling, make sure that you have fulfilled all the preparations needed. Prepare your body by getting used to active moves, complete the equipment needed for cycling, and consult your doctor if there are health conditions that are considered.
Once ready, also make sure that you have applied safe cycling tips as follows :
  • use a helmet, elbow protector and knee protector
  • position the bicycle seat as comfortable as possible to reduce the risk of back and waist pain
  • use a new bicycle or bicycle with good conditions
  • use clothes with colors that are easily seen by pedestrians
  • install a small rearview mirror on the bicycle handlebar to increase alertness
  • bring drinking water during cycling
  • cycling according to the lane and obeying the traffic signs when crossing the highway
  • rest when needed and not push yourself

03 April 2019

Feel the 4 Benefits of Cycling for a Powerful Diet Reduce Weight

Feel the 4 Benefits of Cycling for a Powerful Diet Reduce Weight
Feel the 4 Benefits of Cycling for a Powerful Diet Reduce Weight  - Cycling is chosen as one type of exercise that quickly loses weight. Aside from being a sport, cycling has become the lifestyle of urbanites in the midst of traffic jams and the amount of pollution.

You need to know, cycling can be the right way to diet and a good diet that you need to try. This is because cycling brings many benefits to any diet program that you are running.

Here are the benefits of cycling for a diet that can make you healthy and lose weight quickly :
1. Control and reduce weight

Cycling is a sport for a healthy diet that will help control and reduce your weight. Cycling can increase the body's metabolism, build muscle, and burn fat in several parts of the body.

Cycling is the right way to burn fat in your thighs for you to choose. If you want to get maximum results in a diet program that is run, you can combine cycling with consumption of healthy foods. Cycling can be done every day on a regular basis for several minutes so you get maximum results in weight loss.

Research shows you can burn at least 2,000 calories by cycling for a week. Cycling can burn 300 calories in one hour. If you ride half an hour a day, you can burn 5 kilograms of fat in one year.

2. Fun to do

Cycling is a way of dieting without torturing what you have to try. Reducing body stress is a benefit of cycling for a diet that makes this sport much recommended. By doing a bicycle, you can go around various interesting places.

You can explore the city, hills and rice fields with your bicycle. This will certainly make cycling activities a fun and recreational sport for you to live.

3. Easy and Cheap

Easy and inexpensive is also a benefit of cycling for the diet that you will feel. Obviously this sport has become very cheap. You only need to invest early to buy a bicycle. After that, you can ride to your heart's content.

You don't need to buy fuel to make your bike move. You only need to do occasional maintenance on damaged bicycle parts, such as chains or wheels. With only you owning a bicycle, you can already have a bicycle to use for decades.

4. Increase Stamina

Cycling is the right way to increase your stamina. In addition, just by pedaling a bicycle you can increase the strength and fitness of your body's aerobics.

You just pedal a bicycle 4 hours a week enough to relax your tense muscles. Cycling with a routine is also a way of diet to shrink the stomach.

You will get various benefits of cycling for the diet if you also balance bicycle sports with healthy food for the diet. For example, offset bicycle sports by consuming lots of water.

In addition, you also have to avoid various types of foods and activities that are taboo in the diet. This is a correct and healthy diet that will make your diet program successful.

02 April 2019

5 Effective Ways to Improve Damaged Body Metabolism

5 Effective Ways to Improve Damaged Body Metabolism
5 Effective Ways to Improve Damaged Body Metabolism - In order to be able to carry out daily activities smoothly and also not susceptible to disease, the body requires good metabolic conditions.

Many people also do sports and also run various kinds of diet programs so that their body metabolism is also maintained.

But sometimes the side effects of excessive diet or errors in the diet can actually make the metabolism in the body become damaged. This certainly will have an impact that is not good for the health of our body and can also inhibit daily activities.

Here are some ways to improve your body's damaged metabolism and also keep your body fit for everyday activities.

1. Streamlining the digestive system

One way to improve a damaged body's metabolism is to facilitate the digestive system in the body. It aims to get rid of all substances that are not needed by the body and also inhibit the body's metabolism to function optimally.

One way is to consume foods low in calories and carbohydrates but also those that have high fiber content. Some examples of complex carbo foods such as wheat and brown rice have high fiber content that can facilitate the digestive system and also make you full longer.

2. Routinely drink green tea

Green tea is one type of weight-loss tea drink that is also effective in repairing damaged metabolism. Green tea contains cathecins which are useful for burning fat deposits that inhibit metabolism in the body and antioxidants that help prevent various diseases.

Green tea is also able to increase the ability of insulin which can increase the body's metabolism and also play a role in forming and breaking body fat.

3. Stabilize blood sugar levels

Blood sugar levels in the body that are not stable also indicate that our body's metabolic system is damaged and can have an unhealthy impact. Reducing consumption of foods that contain carbohydrates and saturated fats can help stabilize blood sugar and also improve damaged body metabolism.

4. Consuming thermogenic foods

Thermogenic food is a food that can raise body temperature naturally and is perfect for eating in cold weather. This food is also fortified with antioxidants and other nutrients which are also able to improve the body's damaged metabolism.

Some food ingredients that can be consumed thermogenic stir can include chili, ginger, black pepper, Oatmel, garlic and other spices.

5. Increase consumption of vegetables

It's no secret that vegetables have many nutrients that can also be useful to improve the body's damaged metabolism. Eat vegetables such as kale, spinach, broccoli and others on a regular basis to fulfill nutrition and also facilitate the body's metabolism.

Thus some ways to improve the body's metabolism is damaged and do it regularly so that the body's metabolism can function optimally again. Also balance with other healthy lifestyles like doing morning exercise to get more effective and maximum results.

Finally, I hope this article can be useful and thank you for taking the time to read this article.

01 April 2019

5 Ways to Make Normal Body Metabolism Naturally and Safely

5 Ways to Make Normal Body Metabolism Naturally and Safely
5 Ways to Make Normal Body Metabolism Naturally and Safely - Ways to Get the Normal Metabolism of the Body The optimal metabolic system condition is needed so that we can move smoothly and make the body's organs function properly. Good body metabolism is characterized by the regular formation process and also the release of substances in the body so that it can increase the process of burning fat in the body into energy.

So that these benefits can be obtained to the maximum as expected, here are some ways that normal body metabolism must be applied consistently.
1. Don't overdo it

Many people, especially women, usually do everything they can to get a slim body according to their dreams, one of which is to go on a diet. Even some women are even willing to go on an extreme diet to get the shape of their dream body without thinking about the side effects of the excessive diet.

Limiting the portion of food, especially in excess can also make the body's metabolism decreases and can even have an adverse effect on the health of the body if it continues to be left. Some diseases caused by excessive diets that can arise and should be watched out include Anorexia and Bulimia which are harmful to the body.

Therefore, choose a good diet and also suitable for your body because the body condition of each person is not the same so the results of the diet can also be different.
2. Routine morning exercise

In addition to applying a healthy diet consistently, one way to normalize the body's metabolism is to do morning exercise. This is one of the benefits of morning exercise that can be felt effectively for our body if it is routine and also consistently carried out.

By doing automatic exercise also makes the muscles become more formed and also facilitates the body's metabolic system which can burn fat in the body into energy.
3. Increase consumption of fibrous foods

Eating fibrous foods can be one way to improve the body's metabolism that is damaged and make it function normally again. Fiber is indeed a component or substance contained in complex carbohydrates that can help reduce the risk of constipation and other digestive diseases.

Some sources of complex carbohydrates such as wheat and brown rice have high fiber so that they can facilitate the digestion process so that the body's metabolism returns to normal.
4. Have enough sleep

Having adequate sleep quality can also make the body's metabilism system smooth and the organs in the body can also function optimally. In addition, various study results say that adequate sleep can also make the body fresher and relieve stress
5. Increase protein intake

Increasing protein intake by consuming foods that are high in protein can also be one way to make normal body metabolism. Protein also plays a role in burning more body calories and burning it into muscles so that it can also be useful for increasing the body's metabolism.

Such are some ways that the normal body metabolism is naturally natural and effective which is highly recommended to try for the health of our body. Also complete by doing other healthy lifestyles so that the results can continue to be maintained and optimal as expected

Finally, I hope this article can be useful and thank you very much for taking the time to read this article.

31 March 2019

Understanding Calorie Deficit and Its Benefits To Lose Weight

Understanding Calorie Deficit and Its Benefits To Lose Weight
Understanding Calorie Deficit and Its Benefits To Lose Weight - As is known, calories are a measure of the amount of energy in our body that comes from the food we consume.

The caloric needs of each person differ from one another and are also influenced by various factors such as the condition of the body and also the activities carried out.

The function of calories turns out to also be able to control weight for those who want to do it used to lose weight, and one of the methods used is to do a calorie deficit.

What is the definition of calorie deficit itself and is a calorie deficit an effective way to lose weight? Let's discuss in full in this article.
1. Understanding calorie deficits

Understanding the calorie deficit is basically a situation where the number of calories burned by the body is more than the calorie intake that enters the body. For example, the food we consume is as much as 2,000 calories, but the number of calories burned by the body is 2,500 calories.

This can happen because the body also burns calories from non-food sources, which are usually fat or muscle. This is done to meet the calorie intake that is less than the food we consume so that it can also make the weight down.
2. Lose weight with a calorie deficit

Minimizing calorie intake from foods that enter the body but maximizing the number of calories burned in the body into energy can be a way to lose weight. As mentioned earlier, the body takes other sources of non-food calories in the body such as fat and protein to be burned into energy so that it can lose weight.

The first thing to consider before losing weight with a calorie deficit is to calculate the calorie needs needed by the body to find out the number of calories burned. One way to calculate calorie requirements for the body is to use the BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) formula multiplied by the activity level value.

After knowing how much calorie needs for our body, now we also calculate how much intake of calories that comes from the food we consume. The number of calories from the food we consume must certainly be smaller or less than the amount of our daily calorie needs so that this calorie deficit is created.

To calculate calorie requirements and also how many calories contained in these foods can use a calorie calculator or various calorie counter applications that can be downloaded from a smartphone device.

In addition, also choose foods that contain lots of fiber which is a filling low-calorie food and also has nutrients needed during a diet so that the results of this calorie deficit program can be effective and efficient.

Such are some explanations regarding the notion of calorie deficits and also losing weight with a calorie deficit as a form of diet to maintain weight. Hopefully this article can be useful and see you again in the next article.

27 March 2019

Here it is 6 Extreme Diet Menu a Week, Down 20 Kg!

Here it is 6 Extreme Diet Menu a Week, Down 20 Kg!
Here it is 6 Extreme Diet Menu a Week, Down 20 Kg! - If usually many people who crave the right and healthy diet, how to natural diet in a short time, how to natural diet, and how to diet properly. It turns out there are also some activists on the way to extreme diets by fast dieting.

All decisions to go on a diet which is the choice of each individual that cannot be forced. Each diet has a plus plus and the risk itself must be ready to be accepted. Speaking of extreme diet methods, actually it starts from a strict diet that is right and wants to do a diet without torturing.

Before speaking further, it's a good idea to know in detail how the extreme diet is. Below you will find an explanation of the extreme diet menu that allows you to try it at home.

Here it is 6 Extreme Diet Menu a Week

1.The First Day : Fruitaholic

Start your day by eating only fruits. Your usual energy intake is in the form of a stack of carbo and animal fat, immediately replace it with eating fruits. There are no restrictions or exceptions on what fruits should be consumed, all types of fruit that you like may be consumed to eliminate hunger.

However, it is recommended to multiply the consumption of melon because the ingredients such as protein, carbohydrates, fats, and vitamins are in it so it is great if used as a substitute for your daily diet. Besides that, don't forget to balance it by drinking 8 to 12 glasses of water every day.

2.The Second Day : Vegetarian

If on the first day of focus on eating fruits, then on the second day focus on eating vegetables. However, what must be considered in eating vegetables on the second day is boiled or raw vegetables that are made like vegetables. Not recommended eating vegetables with a mixture of oils such as sauteed vegetables.

Which vegetables can be consumed according to your taste. Recommended boiled or raw carrots, broccoli, cucumber, boiled pumpkin, lettuce, and boiled cabbage are good for your diet on the second day. Besides that, don't forget to balance it by drinking 8 to 12 glasses of water every day.

3.The Third Day : Vegetarian Fruit Fruitaholic

If you feel tormented on the first day and second day because only some can be consumed, then a little fresh air to go on a diet on the third day where you can combine the two on the third day. Yes, you can eat fruits and vegetables on the third day.

Things that must be considered for the diet schedule on the third day is the fruit diet in the morning, vegetable diet during the day, fruit diet again in the afternoon, then end with a vegetable diet at night. Avoid consuming bananas and potatoes, huh. Enough for your nutrition by returning to 8 to 12 glasses of water on the third day.

4.The Fourth Day : Banana - Milk

If on the third day it is not recommended to eat bananas, it is different from the fourth day when you are instead advised to eat the banana itself with added intake of pure milk. The amount that must be consumed is 9 bananas and 3 cups pure milk with the distribution of the recommended consumption schedule is a glass of milk and a banana in the morning, a glass of milk and 2 bananas at lunch, and a glass of milk and 3 bananas at night.

If you feel hungry outside these hours, then the banana that has 3 remaining fruit can be made into a snack in those hungry hours. Don't forget to get used to consuming 8 to 12 glasses of water.

5.The Fifth - Sixth Day

On the fifth and sixth day you have a diet that is somewhat lighter than in previous days where you can eat heavy food with extra bread in the afternoon, only there is a dose of two breads that are enough and can be added to cereal. Eating with carbohydrates only at noon, not for the night.
Because at night you can replace it with fruits or vegetables, as well as for the breakfast menu. The difference in the fifth day is required for you to consume 7 tomatoes. Don't forget to get used to consuming 8 to 12 glasses of water.

6.The Last Day : Be a Queen!

On the last day in the diet process, you can go on a diet with a menu like on the fifth and sixth day, the difference on the last day you are free to consume a variety of fruit juices.

Now that's the Week's Extreme Diet Menu that can reduce your weight by 20kg a week. Hopefully this article is useful.

24 March 2019

4 Ways to Calculate Calories to Raise Weight Easily and Accurately!

4 Ways to Calculate Calories to Raise Weight Easily and Accurately
4 Ways to Calculate Calories to Raise Weight Easily and Accurately! - Everyone, both men and women everywhere must crave and also compete to have a proportional body shape. To achieve a proportional body shape, not all of them want to reduce weight, even some who want to gain weight.

One reason for not being fat for most people is the lack of absorption of calories in the body from food consumed. One solution is to consume more calories as a natural way to fatten the body and also provide effective results.

But to get the maximum results we also have to pay attention to several things in how to calculate calories to increase the following body weight to get effective results as expected.

This 4 Ways to Calculate Calories to Raise Weight Easily and Accurately
1. Check first if we really need to gain weight

Yes, even though it looks thin, it doesn't mean that someone needs to gain weight, because the body's needs for each person can be different. One way to ensure this is to calculate BMI (body mass index) as a benchmark for measuring healthy weight.

This method of calculating BMI or body mass index is by dividing body weight (kg) and also height (m). After the results are obtained, note the following assessment to determine whether his weight really needs to be added or is already fairly normal.

    BMI <18.5: Less weight
    BMI 18.5–22.9: Normal Body Weight
    BMI 23-24.9: Overweight
    BMI> 25: Obesity

After that, what is done next is calculating our caloric needs, because a person's calorie needs are different and are determined by many factors. One way to calculate caloric needs is to use the IMT formula x value of activity level.

2. Note the safe limit for additional calories for the body

Yes, even though the goal is to add calories to the body, but we must also pay attention to the safe limits for our body. Because after all the calories that are left to accumulate from the body can be at risk of causing a variety of diseases that have an adverse effect on the body.

The average increase in the number of safe calories is 500 to 1000 calories per day for weight gain of 1 kg in 1 week. Therefore for the initial stage of the program to increase weight, you should add 500 calories before you increase the results gradually to 1000 calories as one way to calculate calories in food per day for weight gain programs.

3. Also note the type and amount of food to be consumed

Another thing to consider in how to calculate calories to increase body weight is the type and also the amount of food to be consumed. Also pay attention to how to cook and other ingredients from the food because of the different ways of cooking, the different amounts of calorie they contain.

4. Obtaining calorie content from food consumed

To get effective results in calculating calories to increase body weight, of course by recording the calorie content of the food consumed. There are also many applications on mobile phones that can also make it easier to record calories from the food we consume and also provide programs that we can do to gain weight.

Such are some things that need to be considered in how to count calories to increase body weight. Also balance with healthy foods that contain nutrients that are needed when the diet adds weight and also a healthy lifestyle to get maximum results.