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Top 12 Ways to Diet With Water Only Without Having to Bother With Practice

Top 12 Ways to Diet With Water Only Without Having to bother with practice

Top 12 Ways to Diet With Water Only Without Having to Bother With Practice - How To Diet With Water Without sport is the most lucrative choice for those of you who are lazy to do physical activity. It is very nice to have a proportional body as we wish. Because often many women complain about weight. Especially after knowing the needle on the scales move towards the right. Various ways are done to reduce body weight such as diet, exercise, diet and other ways.

Diet has a lot of methods, Starting from the usual diet to the extraordinary or extreme. This time we will discuss about one of the famous diet among the people. Not many are also doing the diet carelessly or just find out on the internet. The principle of a good and proper diet for the body to drink enough water, eat according to your portion, reduce the consumption of foods containing sugar, limit consumption of carbohydrates such as rice, and do not consume fast food or commonly called junk food.
Diet With Water

Diet with water is very good indeed. Diet with water that is with lots of consuming lots of water every day. Thus the more minerals that enter into our bodies the more calories are burned. By increasing the volume of water we drink every day it is very effective against weight loss. This diet strongly recommends us to drink lots of water. So one can reduce the consumption of sweet or sugary foods that contain lots of sugar. With this new habit you will reduce the calories in your body. In addition to multiply drinking water you should also consume green fruits and vegetables.

Benefits of Water

• Eliminate Dehydration
• Makes skin more lustrous and not dull
• Helps to lose weight
• Maintaining Kidney Performance
• Maintain fluid balance in the body
• Improve brain function
• Prevent constipation
• Prevent premature aging
• Helps reduce levels of toxins in the body through urine released
• Improve the circulatory system
• Treating headaches
• Keeps skin moisturized
• Reduce stress and calm the nerves
• Normal digestive system
• Increase power
• Set the temperature in the body

Diet Tips With White Water

How to diet with water is classified as very easy. White water also contains many positive ions for the body. How to diet with water is WITH WHITE WATER WHITE MULTIPLE 2 GLASS PER 30 MINUTES. By using this method we will often drink and even will often visit the bathroom. It can also help the performance of the kidneys so that kidney health is maintained. The activity of drinking 2 glasses of water per 30 minutes is done routinely. Because you will feel your body feels lighter, fresher and fitter. In addition to the water diet, do not forget to mix with fruit and vegetables. Because it can complement the nutritional intake in the body.

1. Drink Water Before Eating

How to diet with water quickly without the most powerful exercise is to drink before eating. Why drink 1 glass of water before eating? Because by drinking 1 cup before eating can help reduce hunger, so we already feel full and eat little rice. Thus the calories absorbed by the body the less. Drinking water before this meal can also avoid us from the usual hiccups are very disturbing.

2. Drink 2 Cups of Water After Waking Up to Sleep in the Morning

When waking up our stomach must be empty. Because dinner is already digested and absorbed by the body. In addition to foods that have been digested the body also lacks a lot of fluids. With so drink 2 glasses of water after waking up in the morning can make us feel full. It also can lose weight, make skin brighter and fresh, can clean the intestines, kidneys are healthier and launch a bowel movement. So drinking water in the morning keeps us from constipation.

3. Reduce Hunger With White Water

When hungry of course we really want to eat the food we like. After eating carbohydrates we eat snacks such as chips or candy. But if we want to keep our bodies nice and proportional let alone who are on a diet maybe that wishful fantasy should be buried away. It is better to eliminate our hunger by a maximum of 2 to 3 glasses of water. Thus you will feel full at once.

4. Drinking Over 4 Liters of Water Per Day

If you are in the process of drinking then drink about 4 liters of water per day. This is very important because the water can dissolves fat and toxins that stick in the body through the urine we spend.

5. Drink more water than packaged drinks

Packaging drinks sold in stores are good. But the longer and more we drink it we can be sure we will be addicted to the sweetness. In the beverage packaging also found many ingredients that are not good for health. Such as artificial sweeteners and preservatives. Artificial sweeteners in beverage packaging can cause obesity or obesity, the emergence of diabetes. Because it contains artificial sweetener carcinogens can also cause heart cancer. So multiply drinking water is very much usefulness.

6. Detox with water

Water is very good for the body. White water can detox all toxins in the body. Detox with water is to soak the fruits in water that has been cut first and drink it after a few hours later. This method is well done a week because it can interfere with the nutrients in your body such as protein and fiber.

7. Drink warm water

By consuming warm water every day it will help you lose weight. Warm water is better than cold water. In addition, warm water can also make the body feel more comfortable because it can warm the stomach.

8. Green tea

In addition to multiply drinking water, can also combine drinking green tea. Green tea proved very powerful also lose weight.

9. Sport and drink water

In addition to adjusting your diet, diet should also be balanced with exercise. Do light exercise for 30 minutes per day this will also help you lose weight. After 30 minutes of exercise will definitely feel tired thirst. So hurry to drink because it can replace the lost ions while exercising.

10. Consistent with the water diet

After seeing the results of the diet with water is very powerful to lose weight, then after the time the diet program still use the diet with this white water throughout the day without ignoring other nutrients for the body.

11. Combine the water diet with salad

Salad consists of vegetables and fruits are good if consumed. When the diet with water is also multiply to eat salads, because salads can also balance the necessary nutrients in the body.

12. Drink water all day long

Water is a lot of benefits. If we get water shortage then we will be dehydrated. Then get the fluid intake in the body by drinking 4 liters of water or 8 glasses in a day.

Drinking Water Rules In One Day

• One first glass after waking in the morning
• One second when going to work or school
• One third at 11 o'clock at work
• One to four minutes 30 minutes before lunch hour
• One fifth cup at 3 pm at work
• One sixth glass at 5 pm when going home from work
• One seventh glass at dinner time
• One eighth glass as you go to sleep at night

The Dangers of Water Deficiency

1. Dehydration

Water is very important in the body. Due to the lack of fluid intake in the body will cause us dehydration or thirst. If you stop feeling thirsty it's a sign you should immediately drink because when dehydrated the body will turn off the mechanism of thirst in the body.

2. The body becomes tired easily

Keep in mind that some of our bodies are composed of water. So, the water intake we drink everyday is very important for the performance of organs. With a lot of drinking water the body will feel more refreshed. But instead the less we drink water then the body will feel more tired, lethargic and not excited.

3. The digestive system becomes disturbed

Lots of benefits that we get by consuming water in large quantities. In the digestion itself water helps cleanse the dirty intestine. So you can imagine if we do not consume water properly and appropriately according to the dosage then our intestines will become dirty, and also can lead to constipation or difficult bowel movements.

4. Impaired renal function

The kidneys in the human body function as filtration or filter. So all the toxins that enter into our body are filtered by the kidneys and expelled with urine. With that water is very helpful kidney in this task. In addition the kidneys also function to filter the levels of salt and urea excess so that the body becomes healthy. If the body lacks intake of water then the kidney will be damaged and lead to kidney failure. Treatment for patients with kidney failure is to do dialysis.

5. Skin becomes rough and dull

White water can restore stamina after exhaustion on the move. Consuming lots of water also makes the skin moist, soft and bright. Drink 2 glasses of water each wake up in the morning and routinely because it can brighten your skin. But otherwise if we rarely even do not like drinking water instead of drinking beverage packaging then the skin will become rough, dull and not bright.

6. Inflammation of the joints

Drinking water shortage was also able to cause inflammation in the joints. Water in the joints is used to help move the joints. So if we are less intake of water then the joints in the body will also have problems. In the elderly are also advised to consume lots of water for old joints do not work too heavy.

7. Easier drowsiness

Consume approximately 4 liters of water every day. Because if we lack water then the brain will also not focus and so easily evaporate and finally sleepy. This needs to be watched while in office hours, can be reprimanded by the boss if sleepy.

8. Inflammation of the throat

Often times we after eating fatty and oily food we are lazy to drink then the throat will feel dry and itchy. These oils and fats will stick to the throat and cause inflammation in the throat.

Dangers of Diet With Water

In addition to the benefits are very much for the body, the excess consumption of water will also lead to several things, including:

1. Disruption of kidney function

The kidneys as filtration or filter out toxins, salts, and urea that enter the body and released with urine. But if we overdo it in drinking water it can also cause the kidneys to work harder because of the amount of toxins, salts and urea that enter and must be filtered. So drink water with the correct dose for your kidneys to work properly. 

2. Disrupt the brain's work system

The benefits of water is to improve the performance of the brain, but that's if we drink the right dose. If we drink water in a very large quantity then we will easily drowsy so the work system on the brain becomes disrupted.

3. Overhydration

This overhydration occurs when we drink water in a very large portion. The stomach will feel fuller, nausea, dizziness, can even lead to swelling of the hands and feet.

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4. Lack of nutrients for the body

In the diet with white water we are encouraged to drink lots of water. So we ignore the other nutritional intake. Such as fiber, protein, carbohydrates and so on which is also very functional for body performance.

Diet By using this water is very effective to lose weight. Besides all the good benefits to the body of the diet, using water is dangerous if done only with the origin of or without rules. So diet the right way so as not to interfere with body performance, If this article useful share with your friends.

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