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Best Fast Treatment for Overcoming Your Dry Skin

Best Fast Treatment for Overcoming Your Dry Skin

Best Fast Treatment for Overcoming Your Dry Skin - Having smooth and radiant skin is the size of a woman who deserves to be said to be beautiful. A fresh-looking face will give a different impression on a woman, especially if a woman has activities that require her to meet many people. A very perfect facial appearance and supported by a radiant facial skin becomes something mandatory, because it gives the impression to someone that he takes care of the cleanliness of his face. Bright face becomes a way to keep a woman's appearance.

Another case if a woman happens to be having a dull facial skin problem. The appearance of his face will seem dull anyway as a whole, no matter what fashion and dressing choices, because the face is the first thing observed by others when we see ourselves. Dull facial skin is usually caused by dry skin conditions. It happens because the oil glands in the skin do not produce enough oil to keep their moisture.

Feature of Dry Skin

As if dry skin conditions occur only occasionally, for example when weather changes, then not necessarily means our skin is a dry type. To determine what type of skin is dry or not, here are the characteristics:

  • The skin will always look dull and scaly.
  • The facial pores are almost invisible because they are so small.
  • When examined, there are many fine lines or wrinkles are very thin or white lines like cracks in the skin.
  • Because always experience irritation, the skin continues to itch.
  • The skin always looks peeling even after washing the face.
  • The face looks reddish or inflamed.

Causes Dry Skin

If you already know from these characteristics whether our skin is a dry type or not, the next step is to find the cause. Dry skin can be caused by various factors, including:

Hereditary or genetic factors are most likely to cause a person to have a dry skin type, as usually dry skin types are inherited as birth defects.

Too often exposed to sunlight can cause the skin to lose its natural moisture. Hot heat will make the skin dry and look dull.

Cosmetics that do not match
We must be careful in choosing cosmetics, because there are the ingredients of harmful cosmetic ingredients, such as the danger of paraben content in cosmetics. Dangerous ingredients that can cause facial skin become damaged, such as being irritated, dull, spotty or inflamed. Do not forget also that there are dangerous bleach ingredients to watch out for if you want to use skin whitening creams, because not all bleach and cosmetic creams are safe and have been registered on the Cosmetics and Drug Administration.

The skin can also become dry when we are in treatment because of the effects of the drugs we are taking. As it is known that drugs containing chemicals definitely affect the condition of our body, and a little more will also affect the skin condition.

Bad Lifestyle
Bad habits often sleep late, smoking, drinking alcohol, stress and having an irregular diet over time will affect the skin condition. The face will look older than actual age due to poor skin condition.

Free Radicals
If the body is often exposed to pollutants such as dust, vehicle fumes, garbage and other burning fumes, the body will produce free radicals that can easily cause the skin to become dry and dull. To avoid it we must fight free radicals with natural face masks that contain antioxidants such as the benefits of potatoes for facial skin and the benefits of kiwi for facial skin.

Unbalanced hormone conditions can cause various skin problems. In addition to acne and oily skin, hormone levels in the body can also make the skin become dry. Things that can affect it include puberty, pregnancy, use of contraceptives, and menstrual periods.

Dry face can be overcome by applying several ways to care for the skin so as not dull which is divided into treatments that can be done daily, and routine maintenance in the form of a face mask made from natural materials.

These kinds of Treatment for Dry Skin can be done every day, according to the habit that is connected with the routine of daily life. Here's how to deal with dry skin on the face that can be done easily:

1. Wearing Moisturizer

Choose a moisturizer for dry and dull skin that does have a specific formula for the skin condition. Find the mildest formulas and do not contain too many chemicals. We recommend that we first search for information about products that want to be used to avoid unwanted risks, such as even causing damage to the skin.

2. Healthy Food

Eating fruits and vegetables on a regular basis can restore the natural moisture to the skin, because the fruit and vegetables contain lots of nutritious fluids and nutrients that are very good for the skin. Such as grapes, broccoli, brown rice, avocados, kinds of nuts and seeds, berries, and others..

3. Wearing Face Soap

Do not use bath soap to wash your face, because it will make the facial skin becomes even more dull. The bath soap has PH levels that are not suitable for facial skin. Use a soap that is specially formulated for the face or face so that the skin does not become dull.

4. Avoid Front Scrub

When drying your face, do not rub your face too hard. If hand movement while rubbing the face too rough, can cause facial skin irritation. Simply pat the face with a towel to dry, and select a soft towel.

5. Wear Night Cream

At night the skin will regenerate to replace dead skin cells, which is why the use of night cream to help the regeneration process is highly recommended. Now many cosmetics manufacturers are also making a good night cream products to treat the face, so it will not be hard to find on the market. Do not forget to check the product first whether it contains harmful ingredients or not, or consult a beauty doctor. One of them is the efficacy olay total effect night cream. Also use a cream to remove eye bags.

6. Wash Up With Cold Water

Try to avoid washing your face with warm water too often, because warm water can remove natural moisture on the skin. For dry skin, that means warm water will only aggravate the condition. The benefits of warm water for the face can only be applied occasionally, for example when will clear blackheads and treat facial acne.

7. Water

Dehydration or lack of fluids in the body to be one of the causes of skin also becomes dull. Enough the needs of body fluids by drinking as much water as needed by our bodies. Do not let us short of drinking water and more sweet drinks or packaging, because it will further aggravate the skin condition.

8. Exercise

Activities that allow the body to move and sweat a lot is by exercising. Body motion will launch blood circulation which means the skin will be maintained health, because blood circulation serves to bring nutrients throughout the body. The benefits of exercise for beauty is very good, so try to exercise even if only a little time every day.

Treatment for Dry Skin With Face Mask

Many fruit - fruit is useful to overcome the dry face because it contains nutrients and good nutrition for facial skin. Some of these fruits and vegetables are:

1. Tomatoes

The benefits of tomatoes for the face is very good for how to cope with dry skin on the face. How to use it is very easy, namely:

  • Wash fresh tomatoes fresh to taste.
  • Mash the tomato until smooth, then wear evenly on the face.
  • Allow about 30 minutes or until it feels a bit dry, then rinse thoroughly.
  • Tomatoes contain lots of vitamin C is very good for skin regeneration. In addition to the benefits of tomatoes for the skin, there are also benefits of tomatoes for eyebrows that can treat eyebrows to look more and more thick and beautiful.

2. Avocado

One fruit that has the properties of moisturizing the skin is avocado. Benefits of avocado for the skin in addition to moisturizing is rejuvenating, smoothing, and brighten the skin and become a way to overcome the skin wrinkles on the face naturally. How to use is:

  • Take one ripe avocado, wash it clean.
  • Scrape the flesh and crush it until smooth.
  • Wear throughout the face, can also add a few drops of honey.
  • After a few moments until almost dry, clean the face thoroughly.
  • When done regularly, avocado mask will make the face look chewy, bright and not dull anymore, even the face will look more white and clean.

3. Carrots

This orange vegetable has good benefits for the eyes. The benefits of carrots for the skin is also just as good, which can brighten, relax, moisturize, remove stains on the skin and others. How to use:

  • The material is a medium-sized carrot of one fruit or two small berries and honey.
  • Wash the carrots and boil until soft, then crush them until they become paste. Add honey to taste then stir evenly.
  • Apply this mixture on the face for about 15 minutes or until it dries, then rinse thoroughly.
  • Carrots can also be a way to remove warts naturally. These vegetables contain lots of vitamin A is known to be very good for skin health. In addition, carrots can be anti-inflammatory or anti-inflammatory for irritated skin and can be a way to prevent premature aging of the skin.

4. Aloe vera

The benefits of aloe vera for facial skin is to treat dry facial skin and acne. In addition, aloe vera can be a way to straighten hair naturally for women who want to look straight hair. How to use as follows:

  • Wash off aloe vera and cut into pieces.
  • Take the gel and rub it into the face as a face mask, let it dry almost.
  • If it is a bit dry, rinse face clean.
  • For hair care, Aloe vera can be a way of treating hair so as not to expand.

Dry skin occasionally occurring as a result of the effects of several factors may return to normal if the specific treatment is done, but if you have dry skin as your genetic makeup, then this treatment cannot be stopped just like that, but should continue to be done so that your skin condition does not return Dry and dull.

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