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7 Diets That Are Good For Men Naturally and Proven Most Successful

7 Diets That Are Good For Men Naturally and Proven Most Successful

7 Diets That Are Good For Men Naturally and Proven Most Successful - A Good Diet For Men can be an option for men who are confused with a diet that fits, because most diets are done by women. Diet is one way to lose weight. Usually diet, associated with problems in women, but overweight was not only in women alone but men also have the problem. In running a diet program both women and men often fail because it is wrong in choosing the right type of diet. There are various types of diets that exist in Indonesia, then what a good diet is done by Men. Before knowing the types of diets that are suitable for men, we need to know the risk of excess weight and any benefits when doing diet.

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Here are the types of good diet done by men to get the ideal body weight:

1. High Protein Diet

Protein is an important substance for the body, where proteins have various roles, among others, forming the main structure of cells, for growth and maintenance of body tissues, production of hemoglobin, enzymes and hormones, regulate the quality of acid base, anti-body builder, produce energy and for muscle contraction. Dietary protein is done by consuming foods that contain high protein, but still should be supported by foods containing carbohydrates and fats. Protein diet should also be balanced with regular exercise to function in the body to work optimally. This protein diet makes men look ideal and muscular.

2. High-Fat Diet

High-fat diet or high fat diet is to avoid consuming foods that contain high fat in excess. In consuming fat is recommended no more than 35% of caloric needs in the body. Excess fat in the body will cause a decrease in performance during activity. However, that does not mean fat does not provide benefits in the body, the fat plays a role in protecting vital organs, dissolve vitamins, essential components of cell membranes and as a source of energy, It should be emphasized fat diet does not mean not consume fat at all, -day.

3. Healthy Heart Diet

Heart problems are often associated with excess weight, usually men are more prone to heart attacks than women. A healthy heart diet is a diet that is done by not consuming foods high in fat and balanced regular exercise. This diet is not much different from high-fat diet. The mandatory food menu is, nonfat meat, egg white and low fat milk.

4. Diet Abs (Abdomens)

Belly stomach often associated with men, to remove the distended stomach can do the ABS diet. Diet Abs means to train the abdominal muscles in the abdomens (the lower part of the chest and around the hips). The muscles include the upper abdomen (just below the chest), the lower abdomen (around the hips), and the left and right side abdomen. To train these muscles can be done at home with exercise jacknife exercises, crunch exercises, reverse crunch exercises, exercises russians twist obliques russia, bench leg raise drills, plank drills, sie plank exercises, and others. It is advisable to do these exercises regularly at least 3 times a week.

5. Paleo Diet

This paleo diet is a diet that adapts the life habits of the paleolithic age. Where during the paleolithic period humans only consume vegetables, fruits, meat, and eggs without the added addition such as sugar, salt, oil, butter. They also do not consume processed foods like milk, pizza, sausage and others. This diet is recommended for men, because it can reduce the fat content in the body.

6. Zone Diet

Zone die is a highly recommended diet in men because this diet focuses on improving and improving the metabolism work system in the body. Where to improve the work of the body's metabolic system is done by meeting the needs of energy and nutrients needed in everyday life. Body calorie needs include 50% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 20% fat from the food we consume. In addition to meet the intake of nutrients, doing aerobic exercise such as jogging and cycling regularly is also able to increase metabolism in the body.

7. Diet According to Blood Type

Although there is no further research, but this blood type diet is enough to give results as a good diet for men. Where the blood type diet is done by consuming foods that fit in accordance with the blood type of each. Because each blood group has a good food criteria consumed and not good for consumption. Because the blood content in each blood group is different.

The Benefits of Doing Diet

1. Controlled Weight

Diet is able to control weight, because with dietary intake of foods that food in the body is not excessive, other than that the diet is able to smooth the work of the digestive organs.

2. Avoid from Illness

Diet can improve the immune system that will improve the health of the body, so that the body was immune to various diseases.

3. Body Organs Work Maximum

The body can be like a machine, where the engine needs fuel to work. The body also needs enough energy and nutrients for the organs in the body to function optimally. With the right diet, can meet the needs of calories and nutrients daily.

4. Maintaining Body Health

Health is the main thing to note, because with a healthy situation we can perform daily activities without any problems such as going to the school office and others. How to maintain a healthy body with diet and regular exercise, because with diet and regular exercise can improve the metabolic system in the body.

5. Make Ageless

When doing a diet certainly with balanced with regular exercise. It can make our body more fit and fresh so that someone who does the diet look younger than the actual age.

Excessive Weight Risk

1. Dangers of Diabetes

Being overweight is very risky for diabetes. Diabetes is caused due to obesity or overweight due to excessive buildup in the body

2. Heart Disease

One cause of heart disease is overweight. Because overweight can cause heart performance disorders. Because fat that accumulate can clog blood vessels or flow to the heart, so the work of the heart will be disrupted the existence of the blockage.

3. Weak Brain Ability

There is research that states that being overweight causes people to decrease the ability of older brains 10 years of age. Being overweight causes a person's brain to be weaker at work even if it is still in productive age.

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4. Can Cause Cancer

Cancer is a serious problem in the body which can lead to death. One of the causes of cancer is excess weight. Excessive weight can bring various types of cancer such as cervical cancer and breast cancer.

Explanation 7 Diet Good For Men above aims to make it easier for men if you want to do a diet program. It is expected to be able to do the appropriate diet program and correct so that the diet that lived did not fail and did not cause various health problems., Share if it can be useful for others.

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