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6 Various Recipe Smoothie That Makes You Lose Weight

6 Various Recipe Smoothie That Makes You Lose Weight

6 Various Recipe Smoothie That Makes You Lose Weight - Body slim and healthy is the dream of all people, especially for a woman. Diligently consuming smoothies for diet has become one of the most popular slimming methods today. Various special recipes can be practiced at home, fruit and vegetable ingredients are easy to find while the only equipment needed is a blender.

Of course for those of you who are looking for a way to lose weight in a healthy, fast and easy, smoothies is the right answer.

Make smoothies diet

How to Make Smoothie That Make You Lose Weight?

Slim does not mean skinny!

Slim is a condition where the body weight has the composition of fat and water accordingly, and has a muscle mass that can form a beautiful curve of the body.

Then, what to do to form a slim body?
Running a healthy diet, a simple example is to reduce sugar consumption and avoid fast food.

Running a healthy lifestyle is to eliminate the habit of moving lazily accompanied diligently consume smoothies for a healthy diet.

Frequently consume fruit smoothies and vegetables recognized many people can help to lose weight quickly. But not to miss the intake of other nutrients such as carbohydrates, folic acid and iron because people who do the diet are at risk of anemia or less blood. Make sure you stay away from fast food, soft drinks and junk food.

In order for the body to slim rapidly, do the detoxification program for three days in a row. Use to clean the dirt and toxins that are buried in the body. 

Indeed all types of fruits and vegetables are very good to eat because it is rich in vitamins, fiber, complex carbohydrates including minerals. However, the best vegetables and fruits for the diet are tomatoes, carrots, apples, oranges, papaya, beetroot, pears, avocado bananas, pineapples and mangoes. All these ingredients have nutritional content of nutrients best suited for slimming the body quickly, safely of course healthy.

6 Various Smoothies Recipe For Healthy Diet :

1. Orange orange smoothie

Ingredients :
Picture of diet smoothie 1
150 grams of ripe pineapple
1 sweet orange
1 segment of the ginger thumb
100 ml of ice water

How to make :
Wash pineapple fruit, peel the skin and then cut into pieces.
Sweet orange removed skin and seeds, ginger washed and peeled.
Put all the ingredients smoothies into the blender, process until smooth into mush.
Pour into a glass, serve immediately.

2. Banana smoothies

Ingredients :
Banana smoothie image
1 piece of banana
10 fresh strawberries
100 milliliters of cold water

How to make :
Peel the banana and then wash the strawberry (discard the crown).
Mix all ingredients, then blend until smooth.
Pour into a serving glass, immediately serve.

3. Smoothies tomato carrot

Ingredients :
Smoothie tomato carrot for diet
1 carrot
1 ripe tomato
1 sweet orange
10 ml of ice water

How to make :
Wash the carrots and then peel the skin. Clean also tomatoes from the dirt.
Peel the sweet orange and then remove the seeds.
Put it all in the blender. Process until smooth mixed evenly.
Strain, pour into a glass, serve immediately.

4. Bit strawberry smoothies

Ingredients :
Smoothie strawberry picture
2 medium-size bits
6 strawberries
200 ml of cold water

How to make :
Cut pieces of beets, peel the peel of the fruit.
Wash the strawberries and put them together with other ingredients into the blender.
Process until smooth, strain and serve immediately.

5. Carrot apple smoothie

Ingredients :
Apple smoothie for diet
1 apple fruit
2 medium size carrots
1 segment of the mouth of fresh ginger
100 ml of ice water

How to make :
Wash the carrots, the apples and then cut into pieces and then remove the seeds. Clean the ginger and peel the skin.
Add ginger and carrots to juice extractor. Process up to get out of the juice. Collect in a glass.
Mix the carrot juice, apple with water. Blend until smooth.
Pour into a glass, serve it cold.

6. Recipe of red guava papaya smoothies

Ingredients :
Papaya smoothie image
100 g papaya cooked, diced
100 g red guava, cut into pieces
1 orange juice, take the water
100 milliliters of cold water

How to make :
Mix all ingredients into blender, then process until smooth as fruit pulp. Strain the smoothie, pour it in a glass. Serve immediately.

That's 6 Various Recipe Smoothie That Makes You Lose Weight, Share if Recipe Smoothie to Lose Weight above can help everyone.

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