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17 Causes of Obesity In Teens and Adults What You Should Know and Avoid

17 Causes of Obesity In Teens and Adults What You Should Know and Avoid

17 Causes of Obesity In Teens and Adults What You Should Know and Avoid - Causes Obesity is triggered by several things including genetic or hereditary. Obesity is a condition in which the body is overweight due to excess fat content in the body. Obesity can also cause other health problems such as Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and will also lead to coronary heart disease. BMI is a measure to determine the level of obesity. Obesity is usually accompanied by symptoms such as difficulty sleeping, when sleep suddenly stopped breathing, snoring, feeling back and joint pain, difficult to breathe, feeling sleepy and tired, depressed, rash or infection of the skin folds, often feeling hot , Excessive sweating and other symptoms. Then what causes obesity. 

Here about the factors that cause obesity :

1. Lifestyle

One of the most common obesity triggers is an unhealthy lifestyle. Usually many people who do not pay attention to health, for example when we eat outside we do not pay attention to cleanliness and we do not consider the portion or any content in the food, for example also often consume instant noodles, junk food and so forth. As well as irregular sleep patterns, is also a pattern of life that is not good.

In addition, someone who tends to be lazy to move on a daily basis will also be more at risk of obesity, they tend to spend time watching TV or playing gadgets. Bad lifestyle is what causes the risk of obesity.

2. Diet

Food cannot be separated from our lives, because of these foods we get energy to perform daily activities. However, often we do not pay attention to our diet. Usually someone who overeat, and often consume junk food such as instant noodles, cakes, snacks, chocolate and so forth.

Food junk food can cause obesity because in the food contains preservatives, artificial sweeteners and other unfavorable content. They often do not pay attention to the intake of nutrients needed by the body that is a component of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Our society just assumes eating until the stomach is full, they do not think about the nutritional content needed.

3. Lack of Motion

Bad habits that we often do is never do any motion or not doing activities that will become the cause of obesity. If we are lazy to do activity thing that happened that is accumulation of excess fat in body. To reduce body fat can be done by doing the motion or activity, it is recommended to always do the motion or activity at least 2 hours for 1 day.

4. Genetic Factors

We can see that a person who is overweight or obese will usually lower to his or her descent. This is influenced because of the same gene factor with her parents. However, it does not mean that someone who is obese from genetic factors cannot be thin. Although the genetic factors can still do weight loss if doing the right diet program.

5. The Influence of Emotions

Emotions greatly affect the health of our bodies, let's say we are feeling depressed, there are certain people when depressed appetite will become excessive and tend not to stop the appetite. Usually they are depressed vent to the food. In addition, the emotional condition that causes excessive appetite that is stress, sad, difficult or happy. This is what causes weight to grow and will lead to obesity.

6. Damage to the Brain

Brain damage can cause obesity because in the brain there are nerves in the Hipotalamus (HL and HVM) that control one's emotions. Where HL plays a role in increasing our appetite, while the HVM that stops appetite.

Someone who suffered damage to that part, can not control when to eat and stop eating, so when someone is eating he does not know when to stop because they do not feel full. This makes the food we consume exceeds the portion required by the body so that it will cause excess weight.

7. Drug Use

The use of drugs greatly affects weight gain, such as drugs to increase weight. Treatment of drugs that we often encounter that is in women who are married usually they are taking contraceptive pills, which usually the contraceptive pill will make us excess weight. To overcome it is expected to often do sports activities so that the weight is not excessive.

8. Environmental Factor

There are certain areas where a person with excess body weight signifies that person is prosperous (prosperous). So in the environment are competing so that the body is not thin, it is the perception that makes in certain areas have residents with the condition of obesity.

9. Physical Activity

Not far from the obesity factor previously discussed, less physical activity will result in fat not being removed from the body and tending to persist. For example in a person who daily stay at home and do not do any activity to eat will have higher risk of overweight compared to people who do activity repeatedly.

10. Age

Overweight we often encounter in old age. Where a person who is getting older his body will experience the decline of body functions. Such as the function of heart organ, kidney, sight, digestion and so forth.

This causes the body's metabolic system also decline, where the metabolism system is used in the burning of calories or energy, if the system is experiencing setbacks will cause the calories in the body can not be removed. Causing excessive accumulation of fat.

11. Excessive consumption of calorie foods

One fat accumulates in the body that is because of the excess calories. Foods that have high calories include junk food, cakes, chocolate, rice. Usually someone who has obesity is very fond of consuming these foods, they tend not to like healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables. This is what causes a person's weight to rise drastically.

12. Too much Snacking

Consume snacks can not be separated from our lives, let alone snacking when in front of television and snacking pop corn while watching the cinema. Actually snacking is also needed by the body, but at the appropriate portion and the right snack.

Preferred snacks are like roasted peanuts, almonds and low-fat snacks. Snacks that make body fat that is high in fat such as chips, fried foods, snacks, fast food, pastries and so forth. It is advisable when snacking consume low-fat snack or replaced with fresh fruits such as apples, pears and so forth.

13. Excess consuming sugar substance

Sugar is very important for the body to process metabolism, because sugar is one of the carbohydrate substances used for energy sources. However, if the excess consume sugar substances will actually cause problems for the body one of them the problem of obesity or overweight. Foods or beverages that contain lots of sugar include cakes, syrups, chocolate, and ice cream. So it is advisable to consume the food is not excessive. We can consume it 1-2 times a week.

14. Incoming energy is not proportional to the energy that comes out

Every activity we perform will surely release energy, which energy we get from consuming food. For example our daily energy needs fulfilled is 1200 calories, But from the entry of the incoming energy is not we balance by doing activities such as sports or others. It causes our energy to accumulate and the body does not release it so it will form fat in the body. 

15. Skip Meal

Many consider that if we do not eat will make our body become thin, it is not true. Precisely when we treat the hour of eating will be more at risk of diabetes, because when we are hungry indicate we need energy, if we do not eat then will make the body feel the hunger is excessive, well when we eat with hours that are missed then make us consume more food . This is what causes our weight to grow.

16. Lack of Sleep

Lots of people staying up late at night, bad habits that cause health problems, especially excess weight can occur. Actually at the time of sleep, the body is working to form certain hormones, and during sleep also the body increases in the process of metabolism. If we lack of sleep it will cause our metabolism decreased which will result in fat burning process in the body becomes inhibited.

17. Excessive eating during the night

Often dinner is associated with the problem of obesity, indeed it is true if we consume food excessively especially at night. But that does not mean not to eat at night only we have to eat according to the required portion. The main factor of the evening meal resulted in overweight is eating too much.

Explanation of Causes of Obesity In Adolescents and Adults above are some diseases that cause obesity, is expected after knowing the cause we will pay more attention to the health of the body, especially in maintaining body weight in the body, Share if it can help others.

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