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10 Ways to Brighten Dull and Oily Natural Faces in 1 Week

10 Ways to Brighten Dull and Oily Natural Faces in 1 Week

10 Ways to Brighten Dull and Oily Natural Faces in 1 Week - How to brighten a dull face and Oily naturally in 1 Week is an article that discusses the problems on facial skin, especially discussing skin problems that look dull. Starting from the definition / understanding dull skin, some skin causes dull, and tips or how to brighten the face that looks dull quickly and naturally.

Believe it or not, having a dull facial skin can worsen our appearance. As a result we will feel inferior or not feel confident in hanging out or appearing in front of many people. So, what things can cause darkening the skin?
7 Factors Cause Dull Skin

Basically the human body already has a regeneration mechanism against the skin, in other words our body is able to restore our dull skin becomes fresh and beautiful again, usually the process lasts for 18 days.

But with age, the ability of our skin cells will decrease. So over time the regeneration process on our skin becomes slower. So that will appear the process of wrinkles on our face. But other than that there are more things that can cause dull skin such as :

1. Genetic Factors (heredity)
What is meant by genetic factors are congenital factors or derivatives of both parents. That is to say, if your father or mother has (sorry) dull or oily skin, then it is possible that you as his son will have the same kind of facial skin.

2. Pattern of Life
A good lifestyle will certainly have a positive impact on health, vice versa, poor or irregular lifestyle will also have a negative impact on our health. For example, rarely exercise, irregular showers, irregular sleep etc.

3. Diet
Too much to eat-foods that contain lots of fat such as, junk food (food malnutrition), fried foods that contain lots of coconut milk and lack of consuming intake or vitamins needed by the body

4. Environmental Factors
If we are used to be in places that are shabby and unhealthy it cannot be denied that the dust that exist in the environment can also cause our skin becomes unhealthy, because the dust can stick to the oily skin, so that our skin pores will be clogged And cause acne.

5. Less Precise in Choosing Cosmetic Products
Well, dull skin can also be caused by the use of cosmetics that are less precise, so not suitable for our skin and consequently our skin becomes dull.

6. Irregular Sleep
Too often sleeping too late, will also cause the skin look pale and dull, because the blood becomes reduced, therefore, reduce sleep too late.

7. Consume Less Water
Less consume water can make you dehydrated and cause the skin becomes dull.

Natural Ways to Brighten Dull Faces

These are some examples of things that can cause skin to look pale and oily. So how to solve it?

Relax do not despair first because now you are reading the right article, because in this article you will find some powerful tips to brighten dull and oily face naturally in 1 week. The following tips for dealing with dull and oily skin:

1. Expand Consume Water
As we already know, that water is very beneficial in maintaining the health of organs of our body including in caring for skin health.

Water can prevent dehydration and keep the body clean. People who consume lots of water usually will and have facial skin that looks fresh and healthy. Therefore, try to consume water at least 8 glass / day.

2. Clean the Body Regularly
Try to bathe regularly for example 3 times a day.

3. Use Skin Moisturizing Cream
Wear moisturizing lotion to help moisturize the skin that once looked dull. But remember be careful in choosing moisturizing lotion products.

It would be great if there is a suggestion from the doctor first, because the condition / skin type of each person is different.

4. Reduce Sleep Too Night
Due to lack of sleep or often staying up late is one cause the skin looks dry and dull, then avoid sleeping too late if nothing is too important. Normally our sleep time is 7-8 hours.

5. Avoid Things That Can Make You Stress
Stress is also one of the reasons why your skin looks dull and dry. Therefore avoid things that can make you become stressed.

For example by doing fun things. Do not be too busy to work, also take time to refreshing.

6. Exercise 
Take time to exercise for example every day, or every 1 week 1 time, because with exercise the body will be healthy.

Not having to do heavy exercise but enough just to do the warm-up movement every time you wake up, at least until the sweat out. Or do jogging or jog every 1 week 1 time.

7. Live a Healthy Diet
Take care of your diet to make your life healthy. Do not eat too many foods that are less nutritious, too much fat and coconut milk.

8. Wear Moisturizing Lotion Before You Sleep
Why should every before bedtime? I do not know I know less, but this I have tried and proven effective in overcoming dry and dull skin.

9. White Eggs
Wear a natural mask of egg whites before you sleep. The trick is easy, we just need to separate between white and egg yolks.

Then apply egg whites to all surfaces of our facial skin. Then wash our face after waking the next day.

Perform this step regularly and continuously, then your skin will look more fresh and feel smooth.

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10. Try Using Ice Cubes
You can also use ice cubes to smooth the face. The trick is very easy, we just need to rub new ice on our face.

That's a review of Natural Ways to Brighten a Dull Face, I hope to help you, If this article useful share to your friends.

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