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6 Easy Ways of Meal Planner For Weight Loss and You Can Practice

6 Easy Ways of Meal Planner For Weight Loss and You Can Practice

6 Easy Ways of Meal Planner For Weight Loss and You Can Practice - A number of diet programs require us to eat regularly and consistently. Unfortunately, busyness may make it difficult for you to do this. But, it will be another story if you have a meal program that suits your situation and condition, efforts to lower or maintain weight becomes easier. For that, try following some of the most suitable diets below and find the pattern that works best for you.

This 6 Meal Planner For Weight Loss :

1. Eat Three Times a Day

This is the most common diet consisting of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This diet is effective enough to lose weight when every dish is plenty to keep you full, but your total daily caloric intake is lower than eating 4-5 times a day.

It is also important to consume at least 25-30 grams of protein every meal to maximize the formation of proteins that can protect your muscles during diet. Moreover, this diet is easy to do.

Suitable for: You who have a rigid work schedule and only have a conventional break (lunch break) that makes it difficult for you to eat food outside these hours.

2. Eat Small Portions 4-5 Times a Day

This diet is quite popular among dieters. You reduce the portion of your normal dish and add one or two snacks a day. If you want to maintain weight, small portions of food but often help maintain satiety and balance caloric intake throughout the day.

Suitable for: You who like snacking, because this diet makes your lifestyle as a healthy program. This pattern helps you to keep your calorie intake without changing your diet drastically. This 'mini dish' is also suitable for people with reactive hypoglycemia, a condition in which blood sugar levels drop too low after a meal. Eating more often helps prevent this.

3. Eating Before and After Exercise

Exercise increases insulin sensitivity, improves your muscle's ability to manage carbohydrates. If you want to make sure that the carbo you eat goes directly to the muscle to support its recovery, try the following diet: the consumption of all your daily carbohydrates during and after the exercise, whenever it lasts. The rest, focus on dishes rich in protein, green vegetables, and fat.

Suitable for: You who want to lose weight or keep the body slim but still can consume enough simple carbohydrates from rice and flour.

4. Eat Vegan Ala Before 6 PM

This diet was popularized by a New York Times writer, Mark Bittman. From when he wakes up in the morning to dinner, he only consumes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and nuts. Afterwards, he eats whatever he wants, though still in moderation. Through this way, Bittman managed to reduce its weight to 15 kg.

Avoiding animal products for most of the time limits your choices to relatively low-calorie foods, so you can eat freely at dinner and consume a low total calorie at the end of the day.

Suitable for: You who do not mind having limited meal choices throughout the day and have enough self-control to not overeat at night.

5. Fasting Twice a Week

Fasting is advocated by one of these religious teachings turned out to be a pretty popular strategy in the world of diet. Somewhat different from traditional fasting, you do not eat anything for 24 hours twice a week. In the remaining five days, you are free to eat anything (just enough). Not only effective for weight loss, this fasting method also helps you keep your body shape by adjusting the total fasting time each week (shorter periods of fasting to maintain weight, and longer to lose weight).

Suitable for: You are not a problem if not eating in a period long enough.

6. Not Eat Anything After 8 PM

Building a time lag without eating will help you cut your uncontrolled caloric intake in the night. Make sure your dinner is not the smallest dish and has enough protein and fiber to keep you from feeling hungry at night.

Suitable for: You are a hobby of snacking after dinner.

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