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Many Do Not Know This is 5 Types Healthy Food For Your Heart

Many Do Not Know This is 5 Types Healthy  Food For Your Heart

Many Do Not Know This is 5 Types Healthy  Food For Your Heart - A healthy lifestyle should be a trend by humans at this time. Because many diseases are particularly vulnerable to attack organs at all ages. By maintaining a healthy lifestyle then at least you will avoid the risk of death. Deaths that occur suddenly often caused by diseases of internal organs such as the heart. Heart disease is more due to unhealthy habits such as eating lots of foods that are not good for the heart.

In general, heart disease is often triggered by frequent consumption of instant foods such as instant noodles, and so forth. Everything is instant food often lead to various heart diseases such as blockage of blood vessels. This is because of instant foods have a very high salt content so as to trigger the occurrence of hypertension.

Well, for your life to stay healthy and awake from various diseases then you need to familiarize themselves with eating foods that nourish your body. The question is, what foods are good for your health ?. Here are some of the types of foods you should eat to get a healthy lifestyle.

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• Nuts

To meet the needs of fiber and water then you can eat nuts. Especially red beans that contain many phytonutrients as well. With emphasis on eating nuts you will also feel full sooner. So if you've been eating nuts at least you no longer need to consume excess calories. Excellence other legumes are the antioxidants contained therein. Antioxidants are very useful to prevent the damage that occurs in a cell which is caused by exposure to free radicals.

• Grains

Grains such as brown rice, corn, wheat and others have huge benefits for your heart health. Because grains are carbohydrates that can minimize the risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and other obesity. In the grains contained also a lot of fiber, antioxidants, protein, vitamin B and others.

• Apple

One of the fruits that are very useful for heart health are apples. By eating two apples a day then you can avoid the risk of heart disease. For phytonutrients contained in apples, quercetin and pectin which is very good for the heart. In addition, Apple is also useful for regulating blood sugar in the body.

• Grape

Who is not familiar with grape. The fruit was delicious it turned out to contain a wide variety of heart-healthy benefits. Besides being able to ward off heart disease, the grape is also useful to prevent hypertension or high bloodpressure. Because grapes contain a lot of compounds quercetin and high fiber. Substance quercetin can protect blood vessels in the body.

• Green Tea

Drinks this one also contains many benefits for your heart health. Besides being able to refresh the body it also can nourish the heart. Due to the high efficacy it is no wonder if the drink is very favorite in Japan. The average Japanese person to consume 5 cups of green tea a day. Because they believe that by drinking green tea regularly, the risk of death from stroke and other cardiovascular diseases can be overcome.

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Although it contains many benefits of consuming green tea would also be offset by drinking water and exercising so that the content of the green did not settle in the kidneys. Additionally begin eliminating the smoking habit because smoking is very harmful to heart health.

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