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5 Ways To Prevent Diabetes Disease And Make Our Lives More Healthier

5 Ways To Prevent Diabetes Disease And Make Our Lives More Healthier

How to prevent diabetes in order to live a healthy lifestyle is important to be known by all of us without exception, due to his diabetes as was discussed in the article Symptoms of diabetes, a disease in which a person suffering from diabetes sometimes not realizing that for many - years she suffered diabetes mellitus.

Before we further discuss how to prevent diabetes or how to prevent this disease blood sugar, is better if know in advance what are the symptoms of diabetes are already known by doctors as well as what causes diabetes disease can strike anyone.

Diabetes is a disease caused by long-term blood glucose levels or blood sugar is increased beyond normal limits due to insulin in the body is also experiencing a shortage. Diabetes is also often referred to as diabetes or sugar disease.

Symptoms of diabetes mellitus in someone who can be identified are as follows:

• Symptoms: CNS: People always easy thirsty
• Always Feeling hungry
• Quickly get tired, lethargic and sometimes like a sudden fainting.
• In a systematic symptoms of diabetes in patients look of their body weight decreased without cause.
• Eye view of the patient becomes Blurred or can no longer see clearly.
• Removing Odor Breath Acetone.
• On the digestive system: There are symptoms of nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain.
• People with diabetes are becoming more frequent urination and water sweet art.

Know that diabetes is divided into two types, Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes mellitus Both types of diabetes if attacked or suffered by a person can be caused by following this:

1. Causes of Type 1 Diabetes
Type 1 diabetes is caused by the immune system should serve to fight viruses and bacteria that enter the body but instead turned to attack the hormone insulin. This is what causes people with insulin deficiency in the body.

2. Causes of Diabetes Type 2
Causes of Type 2 diabetes and type 2 diabetes because the cells become resistant to insulin, until the pancreas can no longer produce enough insulin for the body.

3. Causes of Gestational Diabetes
Although diabetes can be divided into two types as mentioned above, diabetes mellitus, also known as Gestational Diabetes, Diabetes this one usually attacks on pregnant women.

In the period of pregnancy placenta serves to produce hormones that play a role sustain a pregnancy. These hormones will make the cells more resistant to insulin. Along with the enlargement process of the placenta during pregnancy in the second and third, then more and more of these hormones produced.

When pregnant women suffer from Gestational diabetes or blood sugar disease or diabetes, then this is because the pancreas does not respond to insulin or is unable to respond because most, ultimately glucose builds up in the blood and is not absorbed by cells in the body.

That Among the symptoms of diabetes and Disease Causes Blood Sugar can attack us all, Despite Diabetes mellitus or diabetes or diseases of blood sugar include one chronic disease that does not mean we can not do prevention in order to live healthier, especially those who have disease diabetes is becoming more important to know how to prevent diabetes mellitus how not to get hit and disrupt your health.

Doctors have said endocrinology and metabolism, diabetes (call for patients with diabetes) also can live a normal and productive by following five essential pillars or how to prevent diabetes that can be done easily.

What are they? Here Review 5 ways to prevent diabetes you need to know.

1. Diligently seek Information About Diabetes

To reduce risk of diabetes, a person can do a lot of searching for information about diabetes and how to handle, this can be done with a lot of good reading in a book or on the Internet, listening to radio and television features related to diabetes.

2. Set the diet of healthy 

Patients and those still need to adjust your diet for the better, do not need until weigh the amount of food, the most important is the measure if it were sufficient and do not be carried away by excessive appetite so that you loose control.

3. Expand Schedule physical activity

Must be diligent and routine physical activity. At least do sports 3-4 times a week, with a duration of 30 minutes each.

4. Eat right Drugs

If you've done the above various patterns (education, setting diet and physical activity) but not work, it means you have to prevent and treat diabetes with proper diabetes medication or as advised by medical experts.

5. Checking or monitoring blood sugar Routinely

Perform checks and blood glucose monitoring should be done regularly, the goal is to evaluate drug delivery in Diabetics. If Diabetics have done the above five ways to prevent diabetes properly then there will be complications.

You should also reduce the consumption of sweet foods or drinks are the excessive sweetness, like sugar and others. If It Had to eat a healthy sweets or sugar that is suitable dosage for patients with diabetes.

That's How to Prevent Diabetes in order to live healthier and to those who are suffering diabetes is certainly a way to prevent diabetes or blood sugar above the advice of a doctor can make Your life is more normal and healthy again, did everything necessary process to return to normal and that's where the necessary patience how to cope with diabetes to apply so as not to become more severe complications occur.

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