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This,Full Explanation Of How You Can Lose Body Fat 8,5 Kg Within Two Weeks

This,Full Explanation Of How You Can Lose Body Fat 8,5 Kg Within Two Weeks

This,Full Explanation Of How You Can Lose Body Fat 8,5 Kg Within Two Weeks - For most people might believe and believe big is beautiful, but more often people believe fat is a bad thing in his life. Ideal body shape who would not want that? But only a few are willing to try such as exercise or diet.

Diet can actually help get rid of fat on our bodies, but without exercise and really keep your diet will not get maximum results. According to dr. Caroline M. Shreeve in his fat-burning foods say sooner or later someone will lose vigilance and will return to the old eating habits.

He said when the weight back up then someone will feel disappointed and discouraged so caught up in the yo-yo cycle of eat plenty and famine conditions occurred one after another. To lose weight, one must use more energy from food consumed.

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Reducing a delicious snack and sweet and fatty foods. Many dieters are frustrated and experience cessation of weight loss such as diet because body fat is also lost. For that other solutions need one with the fat-burning foods, dr. Caroline has recommended it to his patients are obese.

"I offer diet by utilizing a slow metabolism enhancing foods (obesity) and six of the seven patients I agree)," he wrote in the book-burning foods Fat Tuesday (15/10/2013). Further research led to the development of weight loss program with full fat busting foods.

The program includes the implementation of the crash program busting fat for two weeks followed by a stabilization program that is useful to balance the weight. This provides more diverse food choices and encourage the development of a healthier diet.

Rapid Fat Loss Plan for two weeks can be successfull because:

1. A program of continuous eating healthy and nutritious

2. Being able to get rid of fat quickly and safely

3. The right food selections, easy to obtain and filling

4. The food menu is simple, customizable and does not require counting calories

5. Represents instructions on how to eat healthy for a lifetime

Carbohydrates, fat, protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals are substances that are important for human health. Many everyday foods that supply these nutrients and it can also speed up the fat burning process. Program flash busting body fat with fat burning foods for two weeks this will be executed by elements of the food with limited choice.

Fresh vegetables that can be eaten freely anytime is the basis of this diet. Brown rice, fruit juices, milk and its products, meat and poultry will supply carbohydrates, protein and a little fat in a period of seven days in the first week. While the second week was the repetition of the first week.

Program lightning busting body fat for two weeks it can meet the nutritional needs of the body for 14 days. A major cause of diet failure is because dieters experience weight loss is not satisfactory or experiencing frightening period when the weight did not experience the desired results.

Program lightning busting body fat during the 14 days can lose as much as 8.5 kilograms. The factors that determine the success is the attitude to survive run the program and little follow temptation sweets and fatty foods.

Most nutrition experts recommends weight of 0.45 kilograms at most in a week. This means that a new person can lose weight of 23.6 kilograms in one year. According to dr. Caroline is an unrealistic figure for millions of overweight people, which require evidence more quickly in order to rid themselves of excess fat.

Losing weight lightning often considered unsatisfactory because it will restore the old eating habits are also not safe because it brings danger of weakening of muscle tissue. But according to dr. Caroline if this were true, why he recommends fat-loss diet program for two weeks ?, the reason this program can remove excess fat.

The body naturally dispose of fluid in the early stages of fat reduction, but that does not mean it is a factor causing drastic weight loss on the program. "All my patients to drink eight glasses of water a day as it should and no one among those who suffer from kidney failure, dehydration, or even excess water," he said in the book Fat burning foods.

In this program selection and combination of food will push food burn the fat itself, instead of attacking the muscle tissue. When a person reduce the intake of carbohydrates and fats to insufficient caloric needs, then the body will turn to excess fat deposits for use as an energy source. According to dr. caroline body will become a fat-burning machine, food choices this program mainly consists of plant foods and protein. It causes the body into burning machine so that the metabolic process called ketosis will take place.

Example Patients on Fat Loss Program in Two Weeks

Polly G is one example of a patient dr. Caroline who underwent fat-loss program for two weeks. The 36-year-old woman is overweight, 54.5 kilograms. Mother of two people deeply resent this excess weight, none of which succeeded her diet and was not sure there is a diet that can help him.

Then Polly recommended dr. Caroline runs this program, he regularly met dr. Caroline to oversee its progress. After running this program loss average body weight of 3.5 kilograms per week. After the first month, Polly loss 9.5 kilogram of body weight by combining the fat-loss program for two weeks and stabilization program. Now it only takes six months of fat can be removed. Cholesterol, blood pressure and glucose tolerance test (for diabetes) and it was all normal. Polly can play badminton again and running quickly with regular and felt looked 10 years younger.

Fat burning foods

Fat-free meat: beef, lamb, veal and rabbit.

Poultry: chicken, turkey, grouse and guinea fowl.

Fish: Tuna, mackerel and salmon.

Crustaceans: Various types of shrimp, lobster, crabs, snails, and shellfish.

Cheese: low-fat cottage cheese is reduced ex: cheddar

Negative Calorie Food

Vegetables: Asparagus, onions, spinach, beets, broccoli, celery, white mustard, lettuce, green beans, cauliflower, cabbage, radishes, sweet peas, tomatoes and carrots seaweed.

Fruits: Apples, grapes, star fruit, blackberry, peanuts, and coconut.

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