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Did You Know The Differences And Benefits Of Whey and Casein Protein?

Did you know the differences and benefits of Whey and Casein Protein?

Do you exercise regularly solid and pure diet - or maybe you are just getting started and want to improve your progress. ago What's next?

Which is stored in the warehouse most of the athletes, or almost every bodybuilder is protein. What is even more complicated, there are several different types of proteins from proteins that are common in the market. So, what's the difference? Is there a type of protein that the "best" of a protein normally? , Or what kind of protein which optimizes the strength and body composition?. Let's discuss them all in this short article:

What is the Difference Between Whey protein, Casein, & Soy?

Whey and casein is a protein that is equally found in dairy products - such as cottage cheese. Whey protein is considered as "fast", because it is more quickly digested within the hour. While casein is a protein "slow", which can be digested for several hours. Most of the food is slow protein sources (ex, eggs, steak, fish), especially when taken with food. Soy is a source of vegetable protein that is found naturally in soy.

There are several questions to be answered about the effects of protein supplementation on strength and body composition. Is there a difference between one of these proteins? Or is it just a matter of quantity over quality ?.

We can answer this question from two angles:

1. Short-term effects of different protein to build muscle and / or prevention of muscle damage and,

2. Long-term effects on muscle size and strength.

The first one covered in this article: Is hydrolyzed protein is better than Whey ?. As a brief refresher, whey protein, (regardless of whether it is hydrolyzed or intact), will be superior to casein and soy within the short term. But it does not always guarantee that a vote is better than casein whey or soy, which will make you bigger and stronger quickly. For that, we must look at long-term studies.

Protein Whey, Casein, & Soy: Which is the Better in the Long Run?

In one of the few large long-term studies, which include some kind of post-workout nutrition, Hartman and colleagues show that skim milk (both sources of whey and casein), soy milk and the highest on isocaloric carbohydrate drinks.

In this study, 56 young healthy untrained, given the rigorous exercise program high intensity as much as five days a week for 12 weeks, and was given two cups of fat-free milk, soy milk, or carbohydrates 1 cup taken soon and that one more hour after exercise. During the 12 weeks of training, diet as a whole given the relatively similar in all groups, except the group of carbohydrates that ultimately consuming more simple carbohydrates.

Regarding the composition of the body, they were given milk decreased body fat and increased muscle mass, and the size of the largest muscle cells.

If your goal is to seek strength, improve performance, and leg strength drastically increased in the group given milk compared with the group given soy and carbohydrates:
In this study, the results indicate that whey and casein proteins are superior to soy, if you aim to lose fat and build muscle.

However, in other studies provide mixed results: a similar study by DeNysshen and colleagues compared the whey, soy, and carbohydrate drinks in men with high blood cholesterol. The results showed improvement in all three groups with no difference. Research Holm and colleagues showed that the drinks whey / soy consumed two hours before and after exercise is superior to carbohydrate drinks as well as a placebo, in terms of increasing muscle size and strength, in patients recovering from a knee injury.

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