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14 Ways To Overcome Dry Skin Naturally with Ease

14 Ways to Overcome Dry Skin Naturally with Ease

14 Ways To Overcome Dry Skin Naturally with Ease - Do you have dry skin? Dry skin is a common condition that is often experienced by a person where the outermost layer of the skin is dehydrated. Exposed body parts such as hands, feet, arms, and face, including areas that often have impaired this one.

In the medical world, dry skin is often referred to as xerosis or xeroderma. Dry skin can affect anyone regardless of gender perspective, depending on the condition of health, shelter, long time outdoors, as well as a person's age. People who are elderly are more prone to dry skin.
Some Symptoms and Causes Dry Skin

In a small number of people, dry skin will suffer throughout their lifetime. However, in most people, the problem of dry skin is only temporary, at certain times associated with conditions that I have mentioned above.

Symptoms of dry skin that often arises is the surface of the skin that feels and looks litle rough. In addition, owners of dry skin often found the surface of their skin feels stiff or tight in the bath, after the bath, or while swimming. Even redness and itching are also usually appear.

Other symptoms that often arises is the crack lines on the skin. The skin is also likely to have scales and flaking. In the condition is severe enough, there is a deep crack and may bleed.

These symptoms may appear related to several causes including:

• irritation caused by clothing, perfumes, detergents, etc.

• Rubbing the skin too hard

• Increasing a person's age - the older the skin becomes drier

Wearing towel too dry after a bath

• Use wrong soap

• Changes in the weather

• Bathing water / steam excessive

Quick Ways to Overcome Skin Naturally with Ease

Dry skin is actually quite simple, but also need consistency. Only by altering some of the habits of life, mostly dry skin can be resolved.

1. Change the frequency and duration of the bath

One of the quirks of life that must be changed is the frequency and duration of the bath. Bathing too often can indeed make a clean skin. However, this can cause the natural oils in the skin disappear and become dry.

Make sure you take a shower every day, but do it in moderation, so do not be too frequent. In addition, make sure the shower anyway not exceed 10 minutes and not less than 5 minutes. This habit will help you deal with dry skin.

2. Use a moisturizing soap

Causes of dry skin is very varied. One of the most frequent causes a person with this disorder is less suitable soap. Especially if you use body soap for the face.

Therefore, from now on be sure  you to use a soap that contains moisturizers to maintain the freshness of the skin. Moreover, special for facial soap, you should select that contains a high moisturizing.

3. Use a moisturizer after bathing

Using moisturizing soap alone is often not sufficient. If necessary, use a moisturizer after bathing. The use of skin moisturizer after a bath will help you deal with dry skin throughout the day, especially when the weather is changeable as it is today.

There are many great skin moisturizer products sold in the market. Each brand certainly has its own advantages. Whatever your choice, make sure the moisturizer contains a lot of nutrients to the skin.

4. Avoid excessive heat

Even if you use a moisturizing lotion that can protect the skin from the sun (sun block), should avoid skin exposure to excess heat for a long time directly.

Exposure to ultraviolet light is very bad for the skin. Not only causes the skin to dry and scaly, but also can cause skin cancer. Therefore, any out of the house use protection such as hats and jackets.

5. Inadequate fluid needs body

Basically, our body is 70% more than the liquid. If the fluid in the body are under nomal or less, it will cause the skin to become dry, scaly, cracked, and even worse.
To fix this you can increase the consumption of water. Ideally, experts recommend that we consume at least 2 -3 liters of water a day. For those of you who have not been accustomed to drinking lots of water, please divided into several sessions.

6. Perform regular exercise

Do you rarely do sports? Nearly 50% of patients with dry skin rarely do sports. Perspiration during exercise is actually quite good for moisturizing the skin naturally, but rarely knows.
You do not need to exercise heavy. Only by jogging, cycling, yoga, and a healthy walk every morning at least 30 minutes a day will make the skin and body healthy. You can see for yourself.

7. Stop smoking and avoid secondhand smoke

Smoking is not only harmful to the lungs only. A research study at Harvard University show smoke can steal moisture in the skin, making it look dry, dull and cracked.

8. Apply a healthy lifestyle now

Adopting a healthy lifestyle is actually very easy, either by choosing a healthy diet. To you who suffer from dry skin, we recommend the consumption of foods high in vitamin E, vitamin C, folic acid, and collagen.

Fresh fruit and vegetables are highly recommended at all to nourish the skin from within. Some fruits were pretty good for dry skin among others such as guava, citrus fruit, dragon fruit, strawberries, kiwi fruit, avocados, etc. For extra nutrition, you can also eat honey.

How To Solve Dry and Dull Skin Naturally

Facial skin has different properties to the skin of other body parts. He was classified as more sensitive, gentle, and susceptible to damage.

Therefore, the treatment was to be different from other parts of the skin. Here are some ways to overcome dry face that you can try one of them.

1. Natural honey

Honey is good to moisturize dry skin naturally. In addition, honey is also enriched with nutrients that can improve skin firmness, so good enough to eliminate wrinkles.

How to cope with dry skin with honey:

• Provide natural honey taste. Make sure the original honey yes

• Clean the area with soap special first face to face

• Apply honey evenly throughout the earlier part of the face

• Let stand until absorbed approximately one hour

• Then rinse with cold water to clean

• For best results use a routine before bed and after bathing.

2. Olive oil

Olive oil has been used since the days of ancient Egypt by the princess royal. After investigation, it turns out it contains a high vitamin E can help maintain healthy skin, including overcoming dry skin.

How to cope with dry skin with olive oil:

• Choose olive oil with the best quality

• Pour a sufficient amount in the fingertips, then apply to all parts of the face

• Massage briefly approximately 15 seconds, then let stand until dry

• Had the pervasiveness rinse with cold water until clean.

3. Aloe vera

Who says Aloe vera is useful only for hair care alone? With its natural mineral content is quite complete, aloe vera can help overcome dry skin quickly.

The natural way to overcome dry skin with aloe vera:

• Provide fresh aloe vera (freshly picked) to taste

• Take the gel contained in this plant, then spread throughout the face that was clean

• Let stand until the skin feels stiff and tight

• After that, rinse with cold water until clean to wear.

4. Mask banana and yoghurt

If your surrounding is difficult to find three ingredients above, use just a banana. Actually no added yogurt is okay, but if the results will be optimal. Both are enriched with natural fibers that can trigger the production of oil on the surface of the skin.

How to cope with dry skin with banana:

• Puree bananas to taste, and mix with yogurt to form a dough-like paste

• Make sure the face is in a clean state, then apply a mask of bananas was evenly

• Allow the mask attached to the face approximately 1-2 hours

• Finish by rinsing wearing cold water until clean.
Important !!

If you have problem dry skin caused by inflammation, such as dermatitis or eczema, it is advisable to visit a dermatologist before trying natural ingredients above.

That's some way to overcome naturally dry skin that I can share this time. If you have questions about these topics just you convey through the comments column, we discussed together. Good luck.

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Here Are 10 High Nutritious Food That Is Great For Expectant Mothers

Here Are 10 High Nutritious Food That Is Great For Expectant Mothers

Consuming foods high in nutritional very important for pregnant women and the development of her baby

During pregnancy, you will feel the tiredness and fatigue can lead to changes in mood or stress.

Make sure you eat foods rich in minerals, vitamins and other essential nutrients in your daily menu because it will keep you and your baby stay healthy and strong.

High Nutritious Food Sources Good For Pregnant Women

Menu You do not have to be fancy, but should include a variety of foods that contain the nutrients most needed by pregnant women. 

Some of the best food during pregnancy are as follows:

1.Fruits And Vegetables

• Eating fruits and vegetables is a healthy choice.

• Fruit and vegetables will give you and your baby all the vitamins and minerals needed.

• Fruits are rich in fiber will help your digestion.

• Fatigue can be overcome by eating a banana.

• You can also consume raw vegetables. Various types of fruit juices and vegetable juices (fresh without preservatives) is very good as a breakfast menu. Make sure the vegetables and fruits are washed well before.

2.Dairy Products

• pasteurized milk products safe to consume during pregnancy.

• Yoghurt is rich in vitamin B and protein are important to you and your baby. Yogurt also boost your baby's brain growth.

• Dairy products contain iodine which is important for your baby's development.

• You can also consume the cheese during pregnancy, but milk and yogurt (pasteurized) is more nutritious.


• Most types of fish are safe to be eaten by pregnant women.

• Lobster, scallops, shrimp, crab is also good to eat during pregnancy.

• Raw oysters should be avoided because it contains bacteria and viruses that can be harmful to your baby's development.

• smoked salmon or smoked fish can be consumed.

• Eating fish is very good for the baby's development but some types of fish should be avoided completely.


• Sandwiches containing peanut butter, good for pregnant women.

• You can also make a snack of baked beans with lemon juice and black pepper.

• Eat fresh fruits and vegetables salad by adding a few nuts.

5.Cereals and Grains

• Cereals and grains are good sources of protein and very nutritious for pregnant women.

• Cereals containing folate and vitamin B high enough.

• Add fresh fruits and dried fruits in your cereal to make it healthier and more nutritious.

6.Sweet potato

• Sweet potato is a source of folic acid, fiber and vitamin C are important for you and your baby.

• You can enjoy sweet potatoes as a snack, but avoid eating sweet potatoes too much.

• Eat sweet potatoes with fruit juice.

• You can also make baked potatoes are delicious and nutritious.


• Eggs are very well taken during pregnancy. You can consume 1-2 eggs twice a week.

• However, if you're concerned about cholesterol, so eat boiled white eggs just to meet your protein needs.

Some things to consider when eating eggs:

• Eggs should not be raw or undercooked.

• If you eat the yolk, should be cooked properly to avoid food poisoning due to Salmonella,because it can cause vomiting and diarrhea.

• Avoid mayonnaise made with raw eggs.


• Yogurt contains a lot of protein nutrition for pregnant women.

• Yogurt is considered as one of the most nutritious foods during pregnancy is rich in calcium.

• Yogurt will make your bones and your baby healthy.

9.Chicken And Meat

• daily iron requirement during pregnancy can be met by consuming lean meats.

• Iron is stored by the body and keep you active. You can consume red meat fat free.

• Cook meat well and correctly, because raw meat can cause toxoplasmosis.

• The chicken breast is also very beneficial for pregnant women.

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10.Dried beans and lentils

• Dried beans and lentils is a selection of excellent protein to meet the nutritional needs during pregnancy.

• These foods are high in fiber which is useful for treating constipation.

• You can also consume beans and black beans.

• Add to salad vegetables and fresh fruit as a healthy menu.

Avoid eating one type of food in excessive amounts, except fruits and fresh vegetables.

Varying your diet can reduce the risk of something dangerous.

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Causes And Ways To Overcome The Calf To Be Great

Causes And Ways To Overcome The Calf To Be Great

Causes and ways to overcome the calf to be great - In women, big calves can cause a lack of confidence. For that, they would try to avoid anything that could cause the calf is considered to be great. One of the things that most considered to raise a calf is a sport like running. Really sport running can cause the calf to be great? ,,,

"Is it true that running can cause the calf to be great?"

Keep in mind that any exercise is done properly and according to the needs it will create a healthy body proportions and ideal. And jogging can cause the calf to be great is a myth. And the fact that even the opposite, running and cycling sports can help reduce calf in proportion to your body.

So what could be causing the calf to be great? ,,,, Here are some tips to make your calves do not become big and how far big calves:

Avoid the following, the main cause of the calf to be great

#After Do any sports including running, straight moment your feet. Because if you sit directly after exercise, is exactly what can cause the calf to be great, so it was not for sport. Direct bending the legs after exercise can also cause varicose veins, including things that should be avoided.

#To Often use shoes / sandals high heels torture into feet can also cause the calf to be great. Because the calf will always be tightened to maintain the body balance was disrupted by high-heeled sandals.

# Dietary Habit and poor diet can cause the calf to be great. Calves that are enlarged due to the rest of the body fat that is not processed into energy. The worse your diet, it will be more the body to store fat.

Tips to minimize the large calf, to make the calf to be beautiful and more proportionate.

Wearing jeans that are too tight are also not good for your calves. So, to solve big calves do not "forced him to turn down" with pants. Due to such treatment can actually interfere with a woman's fertility. 

Should do some light exercises to reduce calf following:

Set the pattern of food 

consumption and do is by reducing foods high in fat, because in addition to helping shrink the thighs and calves, reducing the consumption of fatty foods will also help reduce abdominal companions in order not bloated.

Doing Gymnastics and Sports

You can start when you wake up, and still in supine position on bed. Lift your feet up, do the movement up and down, alternating left and right legs. Then, try lifting your legs together. Hold for a few seconds. After that, make gestures like pedaling a bicycle. But dont move too fast. Just relax. It becomes warm enough for you to wake up soon. Well, you can continue the movement of moderate exercise when you do the actual exercises. Ie, from head to toe.

Expand training in the legs, especially thighs.

Indeed, what makes the thigh be great is fat accumulated there. Therefore, many are doing the movements to the thighs and legs so that fat accumulated immediately burned by the body.

Do the following:

Up Down Stairs: 

A great way to get toned legs. The way you simply do not use the elevator at the time of your office to the top floor.

Basic movement Ballet squat: 

Special ballet this one can be done by everyone. Ballet squats focus lies in tightening of the muscles inside of your foot. Perform this exercise on a regular basis in order to get the desired results. How: Keep feet wider than shoulder and ankle foot in the direction of the knee, then bend your knees to the upright position of the body. Put your hand in front of your chest or waist. And after that there came themselves as low as possible.

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This 9 Best Food Can You Eat to Fight Breast Cancer

This 9  Best Food Can You Eat to Fight Breast Cancer

This 9  Best Food Can You Eat to Fight Breast Cancer - Breast cancer is a type of cancer is the second most commonly diagnosed in the women. This disease continues to increase, and has taken many lives already since many years. Most women succumb to the disease, but the courage Angelina Jolie double mastectomy has prompted many women to fight breast cancer and overcome.

There are some medications that can help to fight breast cancer, but also need to maintain a good diet and healthy to kill cancer cells in the body. Foods such as green leafy vegetables, flaxseed, pomegranate, garlic, salmon, Brazil nuts, broccoli and cabbage can prevent breast cancer.

But if it is diagnosed, a person need to include foods that can help to fight breast cancer (read here). In addition to adding the food to fight breast cancer, patients should also follow a healthy lifestyle. Such as quitting smoking, alcoholic beverages, and perform the exercises regularly and stay happy.

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Here are 9 foods that will help to fight breast cancer:

Broccoli green

Superfood this one is very healthy for women. containing compound antioxidant sulforaphane (compounds against breast cancer), which can prevent the growth of breast cancer cells.


This red fruit will not only prevent, but also can help to fight breast cancer. To protect yourself or against breast cancer, you should include this pomegranate fruit into your diet. Pomegranates contain polyphenols that have the properties to fight breast cancer.

Dark green leafy vegetables

Spinach, radishes and some dark green leafy vegetables are rich in folate, vitamin B and fiber that can reduce the overproduction of estrogen, and reduce breast cancer cells. If you like the occasional drink alcohol, make sure the eating-healthy diet that can reduce the carcinogenic effects of alcohol.


Whole grains are rich in fiber, antioxidants and vitamins. Include these foods to fight breast cancer in your daily diet. Fiber in grains prevent estrogen by absorbing it into the bloodstream.


Salmon is a fish species that is healthy, because it has properties against breast cancer. Omega-3 fatty acids in salmon would reduce the growth of breast cancer cells.


Cremini mushrooms, oyster mushrooms and shiitake mushrooms contain an antioxidant L - ergothioneine, which reduce the formation of breast cancer cells and protect the body.


Lentils and beans have long been known to reduce the likelihood of breast cancer cells. These foods are rich in folate, fiber and other essential nutrients needed for a healthy diet of women.


Women who are in the stage of pre-menopausal women are at higher risk of developing breast cancer. Spinach contains fiber that can help fight breast cancer.
Dairy products

Dairy products including essential in the diet of a woman. These foods are rich in calcium, iron and essential nutrients needed by the Tubu. In addition, dairy products have breast cancer fighting properties and can reduce the risk of breast cancer almost 19 percent.

10 Tips to Make We Skin Always Fresh And Younger

10 Tips to Make We Skin Always Fresh And Younger

This 10 Tips to Make We Skin Always Fresh And Younger - How anti old developed by various science fields of medicine and treatment is getting today is more advanced. Therefore, a lot of anti-aging beauty products that offer so skin always looks youthful. Actually, the key to eternal youth was very simple, and can be applied without having to spend a lot of cost. Some of the factors that can cause skin wrinkles and looked old is on lifestyle, such as food and stress. Stress can trigger reactions in the body, so that it can make people look older faster.
Here are 10 tips to keep your skin always looks youthful face

As expressed by the manager and Cosmetic Wellness Spa Resort Lefay, Febrizo Castellani, quoted Premium Europe.

Attention to the type of food

Low-fat diet is very important if you want to slow down aging. Consuming fruits and vegetables, should be accustomed every day although only 5 pieces. Nutrients can be obtained from fruits and vegetables is very positive to improve skin firmness. Fruits and vegetables contain a lot of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and fiber is important.
Stop smoking

Why Smoking can accelerate the aging of your skin? ,,, Very strong smoking affects the skin, in addition to the high dangerous chemicals and fumes that trigger free radicals.
Drink enough water

White water neutralizes toxic substances in the body, and immediately remove it with urine. Advised, drink a large glass of water shortly after waking in the morning before you do anything.

Get enough sleep

Sleep is very important to restore the body's cells that have died as a result awake and day activities. If you always lack of sleep, then you will look old faster. Good sleep is eight hours according to health, you should not eat before going to bed on 21:00. Sleep no more than 11:00.


Exercise is also highly recommended to keep the body healthy. Exercise will make your metabolism for the better, and it will impact the healthy skin. Do exercise, at a minimum jogging, jog for 10 minutes around your residence.

Do not overuse skin exposed to the sun

The sun's rays are the external factors that directly contribute to premature skin aging. To be not too often in the sun directly. If it had, then do not forget to wear protective cream, so that no direct sunlight hitting your skin.

Noting makeup

Be careful choosing the material for your makeup, because one little can damage your skin. Wash your face from the remnants of makeup cosmetic ingredients using a facial cleanser that matches the skin. If in doubt, seek a doctor's advice.

Shower after activity

Clean your face and body with a shower after it all day activities. The bath is very useful to keep your body still in bloom and young. Shower and wash your face before bed will help get rid of the dirt that accumulates every day.

Wear a face mask

Lots of ways to keep skin looking young and fresh. If you did not get to a salon, then use a facial mask at least once a week. Applying cream to the face mask is a simple way to remove stubborn dirt in the face. Masks also process oxygenating your skin and let it breathe more deeply.
Using a moisturizer

Make sure if your skin contains enough water. If you do not perform any activity that allows the slightly sweaty face, then apply moisturizer.

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Signs And Symptoms Of Early Breast Cancer You Should Know

signs and symptoms of early breast cancer you should know

Signs And Symptoms Of Early Breast Cancer You Should Know - Breast cancer is particularly a separate epidemic for women. However, today also found cases of breast cancer in men. However, the ratio of breast cancer is still very little chance happened to men, which is about 1: 1000. It was horrible, it turns out this deadly cancer that also can befall the man although very rarely the case. 

In spite of it all, own breast cancer is cancer that occurs in breast tissue. Cancer is caused by the circumstances in which the cells are no longer able to control himself, so that it becomes grow abnormally. 

Breast cancer was the formation process is the same as it was, and is usually caused by the parenchyma. Breast cancer entered into the list of ICD "International Classification of Diseases by the WHO (World Health Organization). Any number of sufferers is that most, which was ranked number 2 world !.

Breast cancer begins to spread from the inner lining of the milk ducts / lobules, up towards the nipple. Even a woman's breasts often become rot due to breast cancer. Well because all that dangerous and the number of breast cancer, then you especially women should know the signs. By recognizing the signs of early-stage breast cancer, then it is likely to be recovered will be greater. It is given that cancer is a type of incurable diseases, especially if it has reached the advanced stage.

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The following signs and symptoms and Breast Cancer

Early signs or symptoms of breast cancer typically begins with a lump in the breast. These lumps and it is very painful when pressed. Starting from this small-sized lumps that eventually will be attached to the skin, so that the nipple or breast will change.

Here are some early signs of breast cancer lumps sign to watch out for:

• There is a lump in the breast and make the breasts change shape.

• Breast skin color changes to pink, brown, or like an orange peel.

• The nipple into the breast, it is also called the retraction.

• The nipples may get lost or broken.

• The pain relapsing-remitting, when the tumor becomes large.

• Breast skin were burning.

• Breast discharge, can be blood or other fluids.

• Incurred ulcers on the breast.

Now that the signs and symptoms of breast cancer, and can look out for a way make your own inquiries. How to check your symptoms or early signs of Breast Cancer:

1. In front of the mirror and look at the breast:

• Breast normal sized breasts symmetrical between right and left.

• The color and shape of the breasts as usual.

2. Raising both hands and squeeze the breast:

• Is the yellow liquid out or like blood ?, if "yes" then you should be wary if not breastfeeding.

And Do you feel there is a lump in the breast ?

Continues to consult a medical highly recommended, even if you find a sign that is not so visible. This is because the nature of breast cancer almost entirely unseen, or secretly. Therefore, you need to really routine check by yourself or consult a doctor.

In addition to the checks, you also need to know the causes of breast cancer, so you can anticipate that no cancer is very deadly.

Here are the factors that cause breast cancer

• Genetic factors or there is a family history of breast cancer.

• Exposure to ionizing radiation before or after puberty.

• Eating too much fat and fiber.

• Smoking and drinking alcohol.

• Breast too often pressed or squeezed.

• Due to the use of the hormone estrogen that is not controlled.

• Substances poorly participating consumed with food.

• The system failed defenses built by the body.

• breast cells become malignant change the nature.

Not only happened because one of the causes, but breast cancer can also be triggered by a combination of several factors above. For the treatment of breast cancer is still only be done by surgery. And will further chemotherapy or radiation.

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7 Secret Recipes Diet Foods That Can Lose Weight 4 Kg Of Week

7 Secret Recipes Diet Foods That Can Lose Weight 4 Kg Of Week

7 Secret Recipes Diet Foods That Can Lose Weight 4 Kg Of Week - In this diet recipes article, we will discuss about the diet food menu that you can try in an effort lose weight. for those of you who already wanted to have the ideal body, and have done all kinds of diets without success. you can try to run or practice week Prescription diet powerful weight loss of up to 4 kilo grams in an easy and healthy. because diet this week has been shown to be effective in weight loss.

Of course in addition to the set menu for a healthy food diet, you should also demanded a commitment on the menu diet foods that you can consume. this may be a little difficult for diet program. due to unhealthy eating habits and snacking any snack is one hobby for those of you who have excess weight. and diet food on the menu this week you should be able to throw away the bad habits you.

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So the point in running the program with diet this week you have to be really committed and must strictly adhere to any diet that you should consume. and in the diet food recipes in this article, we will arrange your diet in 7 days or a week. This diet food menu already we arrange for your body in order to shrink stomach, gaunt cheeks and so forth.

Well, if you follow the diet food recipes this week correctly and commitment. we are sure you are able to lose weight up to 4 kilograms even more in a week. so for those of you who are on a strict diet or wanted to lose weight quickly you can try 7 Recipes week diet that we share this time. because in addition to losing weight easily, you also are not made to suffer with eating tasty menu.

Because in this week diet foods you can still eat foods that are healthy and fresh in a certain amount. then what the hell to 7 Recipes diet this week? yuck soon be listened to powerful prescription diet to lose weight up to 4 Kilo grams of the week below

First Day Diet Recipes

On the first day, you can try the soup diet to diet .Or you can also consume several different kinds of soup. in this case you can choose vegetarian or non vegetarian soup, but make sure if you do not add salt to your soup. Simple is not it?

Recipes Diet Day Two

Get plenty of fiber in your second day, is a very effective option. Food menu selection is a food made from cabbage or chicory. two vegetables is proven to contain high fiber, so it is good for weight loss. make sure the processing is not wrong (ex: in cooking). as this will increase the accumulation of fat in your body. and vice versa, you can process it with steamed, boiled or stir-fry without oil could be a solution.

Third Day Diet Recipes

For the third day, the time you multiply to consume grapefruit or grapefruit. you can add the juice that contains fat-burning enzymes such as juice from grapefruit into your diet. This juice can help you to lose weight and can shrink stomach quickly. You also may consume them in a way eaten directly, without having made juice.

Fourth Day Diet Recipes

The fourth day, it is time for you to shrink the stomach with juice. however, you also must be smart in choosing fruit juice that you make. because fruit which will help you to keep hunger. and we recommend the best fruit is the fruit that contains a lot of water. ex: pears, apples, grapes and others. Do not forget, be sure you make the juice contains no sugar at all aliases pure juice.

Recipes Diet Day Five

The fifth day is the time for you to lose weight with diet vegan or vegetarian. vegan diet can you apply today, because your body needs vitamins and nutrients in large quantities. Three vegetables is important that you need to include in the diet on the fifth day it was, potatoes, carrots, and spinach. this is because the content of three of these vegetables can complement nutritional needs of your bodies. you can enjoy all three of these vegetables with boiled.

Sixth Day Diet Recipes

Well, after you eat a lot of food. now is the time you burn poison your body with water. Warm water is able to provide good benefits to burning fat quickly. plain water consumption as much as 6 to 8 liters in this day and add warm water to accelerate the burning of fat.

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Seventh-Day Diet Recipes

Well, once you are on a strict diet on the first day until the sixth day. now is time for your mind is feeling the bite of your favorite foods taste. you can try to enjoy dark chocolate or your favorite food. such as grilled chicken, ice cream and others. but still add the vegetables and do not consume to excess. set portion, it could be just enough bite your home can already feel it.

Similarly, 7 Secret Recipes Diet Foods That Can Lose Weight 4 Kg Of Week you can practice at home. you can try it out with the addition of regular exercise that does not interfere with other activities. eg, brisk walking 15 to 20 minutes or sit-ups a few times can you do to speed up your weight loss process.